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    Yamaha Stage Custom -vs- Sonor AQ2

    Oh yes, I understand the price differential. Wondering about construction and performance. It is possible that a $680 can be roughly equivalent to a $1000 set. In theory it shouldn't work that way, but it is possible. Was wondering what the case with these two is. I don't have experience...
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    Most versatile Zildjian K Pack ?

    Hi all - What do you think is the most versatile / all around Zildjian K cymbal pack for pop, rock, fusion, jazz ? (NO country, NO metal or even hard rock). Thanks Craig
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    Yamaha Stage Custom -vs- Sonor AQ2

    Hi all - First post here... Is the Yamaha Stage Custom 'roughly equivalent' to the Sonor AQ2, or is the Sonor a 'step up' ? thanks Craig