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    What would your fragrance be like?

    An oriental warm spicy scent. It just makes me feel bold yet airy and comfortable.
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    Welcome aboard! Enjoy the stay.
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    Song of the Day

    The Way You Make Me Feel - Micahel Jackson
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    Band drinks for free

    If I drink, it's always after gigs!
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    What are you listening to right now?

    He brought such Soul to the Reggae as no one else could!
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    Whiskey drinkers?

    Same here man... I and my father used to have that one.
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    Strange hearing issues

    Ngl, I do have this one as well. It's kinda weird.
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    The Perfect Movie

    Oh, I love the SWtrilogy so much. :love:
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    Its Hot!

    There's no snow here in my hometown but it is really so hot here. I'm burning 🔥
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    Youtube Channel: Worth it?

    I always got copyrighted even tho I put some credits below.
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    Under Pressure Drum Cover

    That's really remarkable. Excellent!
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    Phil Maturano here!

    I really like your drumming style and the energy you put into play. Kudos!
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    Drum App

    Sure, dude! Thank me later :)
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    Headphone amplification help?

    I agree with your opinion. It should be fine without any amplification applied.