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    Ronald Bruner Jr solo transcription

    I have always admired Bruners power and speed around the kit. I truly believe he has some of the fastest hands in the world. So I wanted to try this 9 bars of his playing. Enjoy! Transcription:
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    Steely dan - Godwhacker cover

    Greetings from Finland! Yesterday I covered one of my favourite Keith Carlock drum grooves of all time. This is a fun and challenging groove to maintain for 5 minutes. Enjoy!
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    Three studiolive songs from my new jazz quintet!

    Hello! Check out my new band! I got one song with video and the other two are in soundcloud. It's quite Metheny-oriented. I really liked this session and I'm quite happy with the final product. Recordings feature my Guru 13"7", so ping Andy ;) Second Wind Quintet - Song for Minna...
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    The Roots - The Otherside

    Hello guys! I love ?questlove.. I think they used some compressor on the whole drum track which creates this cool hi-hat pattern that I tried to emulate. Such a fun groove. Also still loving my Guru snare drum, thank you Andy ;)
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    Maroon 5 - This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Mother F****r

    Hi! Time for another cover. This time I looked into some recent songs and picked this one. It has a great beat, not so sure about the lyrics :D Oh well, whatever. Hope you enjoy! -Ilkka
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    Blackfield - My Gift of Silence

    As a crazy Steven Wilson fan I had to do this great song by Blackfield. My favourite song from them. Best groove ever! Also playing my Guru snare which I absolutely love! Hope you enjoy. Ps. I learned watching drum covers on youtube that whenever there's a spot...
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    Screaming Headless Torsos - Smile In a Wave (Band Cover)

    Hello everybody! Covering a fun song with my friends. I love Jojo's playing on the record :)
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    My Guru Snare Competition entry!

    Hello! Some more funk for ya. First of all thanks to Keep it simple for pointing out this nice play-along competition! It was so much fun and a lot of sweat making this drum track, I jammed it for like 5 hours this morning before coming up with a take I was happy with. Well here it is! It...
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    Two Ton Shoe - Medicine

    Hello! Time for some funk rock. Dave DiCenso made this crazy beat that i had to try and master. It´s a great left hand excercise! it´s also Quite hard to keep it up for 4 mins straight, especially since the tempo lives a bit on the track. Enjoy :)
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    The Roots - Doin' It Again

    Hello and happy new year! This is me jamming to one of my favourite bands. A difficult beat to take to the pocket because of the tempo and the bassdrum pattern. Hope you enjoy!
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    Live footage of our cover band in a Fin nightclub

    Hello boys and gals. It's been quite a while again since I've posted any stuff. We experimentally filmed this compilation with 3 smartphones (nokia n9 in the front, iphone 5 in the audience and my galaxy s3 in the back) and we were pretty amazed with the results. It's actually watchable! :--D...
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    Some clips from my friend's graduation consert, check it out!

    Hi! Title says it all. We did some re-arranging to some covers and this is what it sounds like. Crazy (Barkley) (Glasperish) Hyperballad (Björk) A bunch of songs in "one" (including a crazy drum solo..)...
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    Jyväskylä Big Band & Osmo Ikonen covering Play that funky music

    Greetings from Finland! Haven't posted much in a long time. This is our big band covering the Wild Cherry classic.
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    Buying a Premier Cabria late 80's, Price?

    Hi! I'm not familiar with these drums at all, and I'm looking at this mint condition set used, it's 18" BD, 12" and 14" toms. He is asking 700 euros (~$850) for those and a decent seat and pedal. That was the final price for him. What do you think? I know Cabria is and was a low end kit so it...
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    YET another Vic Firth Carlock contestant

    Here's my take on it. Unfortunately VF hasn't fixed the upload function on facebook so this isn't yet in the competition.. Enjoy.