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    New Ludwig Speed King

    I still have 2 original 70's pedals that I had the heel pins replaced to something sturdier. Still the only pedal I use.
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    Modern Ludwig Vistalite and Atlas mounts

    You are talking about the Atlas mount that can be used to replace a lug, correct? I used one on a vintage vista tom but I did not use it on a lug for fear of possibly too much pressure that high on the shell. Mine had a traditional Ludwig tom-mount on it near the center of the drum. I used the...
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    Opinions Needed: Ludwig Vintage Rehab

    I have just purchased a 3 piece set of Ludwigs. The toms are 60's vintage with the Keystone badges. The bass drum is an early 80's with the Blue/Olive badge. I was going to re-wrap in the Vintage 60's Black Oyster. My question is .....should I leave the blue/olive badge on the refinish or get a...
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    Evans Genera Dry & Supraphonic?

    Has anyone tried this head with a Ludwig 6.5x14 Supra? If so was it a good or bad choice? I want to experiment with getting rid of some of the ring from my Luddy but I don't want to completely dry it out where there is no character. I use snare side Ambassador and a coated Ambassador batter. I...
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    Remo Skyntone on 16" Floor Tom?

    I recently picked up a Remo Skyntone head for my 6.5x14 Maple Ludwig snare and I love the look, feel and sound of this head. I am considering getting them for my 13" and 16" toms. I know these are a bit different than Fiberskins. Hardly anybody stocks these heads over 14" size. Anybody use these...
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    A Custom or A Mastersound with K Top hat

    I recently acquired a 90's K Top 14" hat. I usually play a set of 90's 14" New Beat hats. I was looking to put a mastersound bottom with the K top for a different sound. Which would go better and not be too contrasting...a regular A Mastersound bottom or an A Custom Mastersound bottom? Anybody...