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    From the wrist to the bass drum pedal...

    If you're like me you'd want to spend money you don't have on any drum related gear imaginable. Right? While it's a frustrating situation to have to deal with for myself it forces me to think outside the bucks (I just came up with that now lol). Anyway so I'm always switching between rock and...
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    I just discovered something

    Hey everyone, just figured something out this week while trying to increase my bass drum playing speed with my right foot. Turns out I'm a lefty when it comes to lower limbs but I'm right handed. You see the problem there? I should have know all along since my left foot is always my go-to foot...
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    Would Ludwig ATLAS BD anchor spurs work on a converted floor tom?

    I'm really liking this set-up that I put together so much that I was thinking it might be time to put some bass drum spurs on the converted floor tom. I love the ATLAS gear and I use them pretty well on my kit so I was wondering if any of you dared to install ATLAS BD anchor spurs on a FT? If it...
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    Deception Rims

    Have any of you thought about removing the bottom head for sound preferences but opted against because, seriously who likes the look of concert toms right? Now what if you removed the bottom head but left on the rim just for show? Is anyone doing that? Does it even make sense?
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    Your thought on the new Rival Sons album 'Hollow Bones'?

    I've been hooked on this band for over a year now and I must say they're amazing to me & even better live. Their latest offering is more complex and mature which means some of the songs take a few listens to be fully appreciated but this is truly a wonderful album. Drummer Michael Miley is worth...
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    Time to let go?

    Hey everyone, I need your input here and maybe you can help me make the right decision. If you couldn't practice the drums and you're only solution would be to sell your ''like new, near & dear'' Ludwig Keystones with matching snare to finance a decent but more modest kit combined with Zildjian...
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    Introducing the very first Ludwig Keystone Bop Kit

    Ok now that I have your attention check this out: I finally managed to make 2 kits out of one thanks to the ATLAS mounts that came with my Ludwig Keystone PowerBeat config (22/12/16). The floor tom seen here is actually a 8x14 snare that I put on FT legs. I switched the lugs from the snare with...
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    This might be a stroke of genius or...

    So I'm very tempted to round off the bearing edges on my Ludwig Keystone but I don't have the stones to actually do it (or have it done by a pro). So I thought how can I achieve this without actually modifying the shells and then it hit me. What if I found flexible rubber tubes of fairly small...
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    But what was Sonor thinking?

    How do you turn potentially one of the best looking drum set into the result of a major brain cramp? Well you do what Sonor did with their Vintage Series Drums. Seriously why would they ever offset the lugs only on one drum shell? and if you're going to do it why not have them offset so that...
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    This is the coolest thing ever x 1000
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    Time to work a little ATLAS magic

    Hey guys & girls, I think I just figured out how I can transform my Ludwig Keystone Power beat config into a nice compact kit without any extra spending cash: -First of all I'll remove the 22in Bass drum, Might use it as a secondary snare. -16 in floor tom will be moved to the bass drum...
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    Remo Art Attack Series Drum Heads

    Why should only the front BD head get some love? This is an idea I came up with but in a world that nothing gets invented I assume something similar exists already. Still any of you find the idea of having some kind of design on your toms &/or snare heads interesting? Obviously these are quick...
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    What if Neil Peart sang too?

    I was just told about this RUSH cover band named New World Men. We all know how it must be difficult to play the drums part now imagine singing the lyrics too. This guy does both flawlessly.
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    What is your drum setup pet peeve?

    Have you ever seen a drum setup and thought oh god that looks awful? I personally cannot stand suspended Floor toms and heavily angled toms.
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    What would be your drummer nickname?

    Mine would be: Sloppy Joe since my name is Joe and my playing is sloppy ;) So what is or would be yours?