Started playing at 12 in Pittsburgh and continued through high school, college & grad school. Stopped at age 25 and did not pick up a pair of drum sticks for 35 years. Got a Sonor Bop SE kit for my 60th birthday and borrowed some Paiste cymbals from my nephew to make sure I was still into it. Have played nearly every day since, over the past 4 years. Now playing a double-kick Sakae kit (hence the moniker) with Zildjians. Trying to make up for lost time! I have a Youtube channel, ThruAWiderLens.
Jacksonville, FL USA
Retired nonprofit exec


Sakae Almighty (18x2/13/13/14) w/ Zildjian A's & K Custom Hybrids
Sonor Bop SE (18/12/14) w/ Dream Dark Matter cymbals
Gretsch, Slingerland, Pearl, Tama & Mapex snares