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    Maybe I am old but I just don’t understand this

    Old people complaining about young people who complain too much....anyone else see this beautiful irony here? Assuming they are young complainers too (they are probably old too, lol!). I learned recently it's worth getting B stock BBs because the black nickel scuffs easily. I found this...
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    RIP Chick Corea

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    Smaller diameter tom deeper than the succeeding tom...

    This all probably mean nothing, lol! I was just curious myself but I generally don't like 13s cylindrical volume: 12x8 = 904.78 12x9 = 1017.88 13x8 = 1061.86 Then there is Nolly's guide to tuning: 8″ – F-F# 10″ – C#-D 12″ – A#-B 13″ – F#-G 14″ – E (maybe F if rack tom) 15″ – D-D# 16″ – C-C#...
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    Overhead mics

    I have two AKG 414s which have served me very well and never wanted (or needed) a HH mic. I've had good experiences with a Royer SF-12 ribbon but never owned one to really to test it out.
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    remove hairline scratches from Ludwig BB's NOB?

    Was it B stock? I'm guessing if Ludwig could turn their B to A stock, they would do so. This is good to know as I was considering a BB, I see no reason to get A stock if it's bound to get scuffed so easily.
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    Does the New Ludwig p88 Throw Work With Vintage 1960s era Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drums?

    I don't think the p88 is anything special, the knob is too stiff on my mine. I have an INDe on my modern Acro which I swapped for a p88 (so I could put on another snare) and works well and probably more of a guarantee fit given it's flexibilty. However, I'd probably get a Dunnett R4L (Ludwig)...
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    RIP Chick Corea

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    Jazz drumming: thinking vs feeling

    I read that Tony, Herbie and Ron would have in-depth discussions post-gig about concept and ideas but if that lasted through this era or even 67', I have no idea. But either running math problems or just having fun are both inherently selfish in a sense, you can do both of these by one's self...
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    List of 100+ jazz standards

    Very nice to organize a list. It gets a bit intimidating on the variety of interpretations of each one of these tunes; the list get exponentially longer. I've worked on standards that got twisted into weird progressive avenues and it was a lot of fun. I'm not sure what a jazz drummer is exactly...
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    What’s in the Noble and Cooley box?!

    These were definitely priced to sell quickly, hopefully they are a help. My drum teacher took me to his shop a couple times when I was younger, it wasn't uncommon to pro players, I believe Jaimoe from ABB would frequent. I remember his drum clinic on tunings was really informative as I had no...
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    Noble and Cooley SS snare w no re rings

    Canopus has a few 1-plys without rings
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    Can you hear a difference?

    Using Sony headphones as well. When he was hitting hard it was hard to tell. When he play soft-mid, I could hear the fuller mid on the CD maple and a bit more pronounced low on the walnut; I definitely heard a longer note on CD, 12" especially and I think I like their tuning better on the CDs...
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    It would be quite a different ending in music history for Elvis, The Beatles or even Zeppelin without sex appeal (Bonzo was hitting alot more than just Vistalites). As for Ayeon, she isn't a terrible drummer and she plays some solid grooves....I'm more critical of the song choices and not...
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    As was I, no harm intended 🙃 To you point, music itself is a great equalizer. Listen to record and either a cat can play or not and that is all that matters. There so many immensely talent female musicians; Hiromi, Esperanza Spalding, Tal Wilkinson just to name a few...I don't know what I kind...
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    Feel free to search the internet for male bikini options to educate yourself otherwise. :sneaky: AYEON has well over a 1 million subscribers and 80/20 drummer has like 80k but no one seems to like him. Nonetheless, tough to compete with that YT traffic