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    Bass drum patch

    I bought the Tackle patch a few months ago and knew right away it was too thick for what I wanted and returned it...too bad because I really like the look and their products in general. I just want a bit more durability but not change overall attack..perhaps Dr. Scholl's is for me.
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    What can I use as a drum cover that I could get from Walmart or Lowes? Time sensitive! Go!

    Problem solved I see :) What I like about the Maloney cover is that 1) it is reflective so your gear won't bake in the sun, I would think a shower curtain would be like being in a hot car without windows, not good 2) water proof 3) it has weighted corners...I can just imagine a gust of wind...
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    Is Jazz Fusion Dead?

    I think of 'jazz-fusion' as two types of things: 1) The period itself, more or the disciples of Miles from the late sixties with jazz roots who explore a variety of influences in the mist of amplified rock surge. Many of these musicians are no longer with us, so from the literal perspective of...
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    What Kind Of Crash Do I Have? Help Identifying 16 Sabian

    The smooth lathing looks like AAX; X-Plosion has an unlathed bell which is not the case here. Maybe you have an older Metal Crash AAX (best guess)?. I've had AAX stage crashes before, they are on the thinner side
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    What can I use as a drum cover that I could get from Walmart or Lowes? Time sensitive! Go!

    This is like a last minute condom recommendation, invest a little to save a lot. I’d get this for next time, you post a lot of outdoor gigs…protect the wiggies
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    100 Most Skilled Drummers

    Joey Baron Marvin Smitty Smith Gene Hoglan Manu Katche Jo Jones Clyde Stubblefield Marc Gulliana Ringo Just to name a few, I could keep going…There were ALOT of missed names. Words like ‘best’ or ‘most’ attached to a drummer is only quantifying someone’s opinion and nothing more.
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    It's true what they say about New Beats.

    I found a sweet patina'd cheap bottom too, I think from the 70s; 933g (top)/ 1146g (bottom)...I got lucky, because the weights weren't listed for either and that is the exact zone I was hoping (thin New Beats w/ some patina character), a bit more meat than my Kcons...
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    Touring Rock Band with the Most Drummers? Is 12 the Record?

    James Brown has had alot of drummers beyond John 'Jabo' Starks and Clyde Stubblefield. Can't find a complete list but I know name drums like Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie, Bill 'Ain't no funk in Iowa' Stewart, Steve 'oh my' Gadd, Billy 'Corn on the' Cobham. Miles Davis comes to mind on a long list...
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    Why won't my cymbal sell?

    -List the weight in grams -Have a more detailed photo of the hole -A prestine unplayed vintage in not necessarily a plus -Add a sound file
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    Why do (my) posts get deleted?

    Hi Thomas, So I'm breaking the rules by just asking here then...I'll discuss this more off-line then and assumingly this entire thread will get deleted. From a community perspective, the boundary in these instances were not clear to me. In the interest myself not having to get filtered, and the...
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    Why do (my) posts get deleted?

    Joking aside, I know that was an actual concern here and we had all the ads to supplement costs and that wasn't very popular...I'd like give the benefit of the doubt, and shouldn't have the general expectation that 'everything is free of cost' to use, I get that isn't fair. So it's a matter of...
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    Why do (my) posts get deleted?

    I've noticing more of my post getting deleted lately...they were neither offensive or used inappropriate language. Admittedly, they were both jokey in nature but completely harmless, and one was just a GIF. I've read the forum rules in detail, I don't see the violation. I'm posting public as I...
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    $4000 Armand Zildjian 100th Birthday Ride.

    Keep making the great videos, I enjoy your channel :)
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    Why Foo Fighters Fans Are Already Upset with New Drummer Josh Freese

    I took the comment as let Josh bet a creative partner in album writing rather than playing someone else’s drum part. Agreed, that would be interesting.