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    How can I get my singer to follow a set list?

    Unless you are playing Black Dog, not many songs have a vocal intro so let the band dictate the list, say you are reading the crowd too (and set list)...just let the chips fall where they fall.
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    Tim "Herb" Alexander?

    I recall in a joined interview with Brain and Stewart Copeland; probably because he produced the Brown album. I just remember Stewart comparing Tim and Brain and sort putting down Tim’s grooves (as a compliment to Brains playing). Though I really like SC, I just couldn’t agree at all and felt...
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    Tama Star Walnut for sale at low price. Not mine.

    I'm glad they sold, I don't need this temptation. I did like the finish and had seriously considered the walnuts at one point (I think they are the best of the star line) and was close enough for local pu. But I'm content with what I have and thinking downsizing. However, if I was serious...
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    Who here plays ash drums?

    Canopus uses a ash/poplar mix. Demo at 4:42 mark
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    What are you listening to right now?

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    How much does stick size affect the ability to play fast?

    Mangini uses a 0.580 at the butt that increases to a 0.62 then tapers with a thicker than normal shoulder. I suspect the forward weight helps him but never tried his pair but grip seems to be between a 5A/5B I played an VF SD Bolero for almost 25 years. Thick 0.635 but short 15.75, it’s made of...
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    Tama Starclassic (W/B) a good upgrade from a Pearl Decade?

    I noticed the Shamrock Oyster is different either in application or lighting (or both). I didn't think much when on Tama's website but I like the look of the reverb listing here. 7.5mm 6 ply versus tama 6mm plus a heavy zinc diecast are going to sound quite different even if the same wood...
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    $7,000 Glass drum kit

    Interesting article with Alan White and Tris Imboden. Sounds like head doesn't actually touch glass but brass since they talked about adjustable bearing edges.
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    WFLIII construction change

    I noticed there was a price jump on their site so that must be why. Had I not read this, I would have assumed they ditched their 3 ply re-ring
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    Avant Garde

    How avant-garde is termed can be subjective to the time and place on not the music it self; whether is outside 'tradition' or intentionally alienating audiences (which is arguably true avant garde). Something like Zappa, perhaps the early Mothers stuff could be considered AG but he had an...
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    Tony Williams

    Totally forgot about this, Buckethead and Pharoah Sanders!
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    Tony Williams

    Found a link, Hulkamania yellow-red with the 12-lug snare! One of the last videos of Tony, he sounded great as always.
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    Tony Williams

    I believe this is TW DW given the last released studio album; can't find any video examples. I recall him doing some clinics in that era so maybe there are some videos yet to be discovered. I don't remember if he was with DW during the Wilderness album or when started with DW. Would have been...
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    Learning the French grip for the right hand in traditionnal grip setup.

    I used to be a dedicated FG player. Perhaps because my early teacher played timpani but also I think was what my hand favored; I like the control at lower dynamics and could do some techniques with less tension like ride stamina or singles. I copied a Virgil Donati recommend exercise of...