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    What is your favorite drummer joke?

    What did the drummer get on his IQ test? Drool.
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    Are Paiste Giant Beats and Paiste 404 the same?

    It doesn’t feel like budget cymbal. It feels a little “thicker” than the Giant Beat. But I don’t know if it’s actually thicker or heavier. I checked the serial number and it’s a 404 from 1986. Not sure if they were thin or not back then. Still feel like I scored for $50 though. Oh yeah! $50 is...
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    Are Paiste Giant Beats and Paiste 404 the same?

    I've shared this several times. Back in the 80s, I listened from several feet away to a 404 Ride and a 2002 ride played by the shop owner (I didn't actually play the cymbals myself in the shop). I walked out with the 2002, but I always wanted to go back and grab the 404 since I thought it...
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    Music that moves you to tears

    Chopin's Etude in E major is a lovely piece and it was covered by Apollo 100 in the early 70s entitled "Tristesse" (which I think means "sadness"), and this version can get me teary eyed at times. I think that Apollo 100 actually improved the melody the way they did it.
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    Music that moves you to tears

    PorkPieGuys' post gave me the courage...
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    Vater Session sticks

    I'm with ya! I've been playing the Vater 5B Maples a lot lately too and loving it. I switch a lot between those and the Vater 5A Maples. Actually, I couldn't make up my mind which ones to use the other day, so I compromised. 5A in the right hand and the 5B in the left. 🤓
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    Open letter to all forum members

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. 😬
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    Songs That Speed Up or Slow Down

    The number one smash by the Bee Gees "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" is all over the place. The drums come in and out during the song, so the tempo fluctuates with the drums and other times without the drums. It all seems very intentional in this case.
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    I just found out about this band yesterday. Who here knew of them? The video is from 1971. Check out the mismatched floor tom, and they do the Beatles "Hey Bulldog."
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    Cosmo Clearwater Revival

    Did you guys know Clifford has a new album out? It's called "Magic Window."
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    The sound of the drum is within the heads

    Help me understand this, because I'm a little skeptical. I'm not trying to be difficult, honestly. My question is to you drummers that claim that the shell itself makes a noticeable difference. Let's say that you are there in person with the drums and not listening through any speakers of any...
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    The sound of the drum is within the heads

    Here's my take on this. I think it is true that the heads are the main sound coming from a drum and the way one plays it. Like the guy in the video said, listen to a roto tom. There is no shell, but it still sounds like a drum. He doesn't deny that there are sound differences in the shells, but...
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    The "Golden Ratio" for Top/Bottom Hi Hats

    One cymbal company once gave their opinion about what pitch the two cymbals should have in relation to each other. The Paiste 1979 catalog has a section on selecting cymbals, and when selecting the hi-hat Paiste stated... "All Paiste hi-hats are matched as pairs during the hand hammering...
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    Boston the "band" . . . . not a band!

    Tom Scholz visits his old house in 2018 where he recorded the album.