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    Offencive bass drum pedal and bronen throne.

    My current favorite throne is my Yamaha DS840. Mid-priced, rock solid and very comfy. I have a DWCP5100 throne as well, and while similar to the Yamaha it is not as nicely padded and there is the tiniest bit of movement in the threaded rod when tightened down where the Yamaha has none. I have a...
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    Dw 6000 pedal

    I bought a used 6000/nylon-strap a few years back. Great pedal. Dead simple.
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    Bass drum pedal with riser and flat bed?

    Hmm. Not really a match for your photo, but a match for description would be a Rogers Swivomatic 395R
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    Tube lengths for Yamaha Crosstown vs DW Ultralight vs Tama Classic

    DW Ultralight hi-hat stand is about an eighth of an inch shy of 22 inches.
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    Finally a great throne that doesn’t weigh a ton !!

    Looks promising. Do you happen to have a weight you could share?
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    Talk me into or out of buying this kit

    Given you have drums to play right now and are therefore in no rush, I'd recommend continuing your search in the used market until you find an unmolested used or vintage kit in the sizes you want. Patience will pay... :)
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    The money is in the cymbals

    Title of the thread reminded me of this:
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    That finish is stunning! What is the shell material?
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    I've been using a DB-88 since the '90s. Love it. We have a DB-90 at church for when we play to a click. I like that on either the DB-88 or the DB-90 you can program in different tempos and time signatures and cycle between them quickly -- especially important for minimal down-time between tunes...
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    Artisan Cymbals (not the Sabian line)

    There's a pretty comprehensive list here:
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    Tension Rod Issue on Snare

    That is outstanding service. Great outcome!
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    Looking for a great sounding 4" snare

    There's a beautiful vintage Yamaha SD-493 snare (4" brass) for sale over on DFO.
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    What to look for when buying a used kit?

    If you're patient and live in a large enough community, you should be able to find a decent kit at your budget. But it will take time and you will have to act fast when the kit goes up for sale. The best deals are found when folks are dumping all their gear at once in a bundle (e.g., shells...
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    Snare Drum Upgrade--Advice Please

    If you're open to a non-wood shell, I'd keep an eye out for a chrome over brass (COB) Rogers PowerTone from the '60s or early '70s. They are extremely versatile, have great strainers and should hold their value or even appreciate a little should you decide to sell it later. The 5" are still...