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    Pearl drums

    If I was buying Pearl I'd get the Pearl Session, ahead of all other lines.
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    Color of Absolute Hybrid Maple Classic Walnut

    It looks red to me. Dark or bright pick one, oh and they sound great.
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    Drum set weights

    The AHM is relatively light. I have the Polar White, and it looks fantastic in person and under lights. It has a slight sparkle and is more of a creamy off-white. I would also be happy with the Red Autumn.
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    yamaha stage or tour?

    What sizes do you want? I'd go with the tour for the 20x15 bass drum.
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    Trying to pick different hi hats: Mostly Zildjian for my choices, however. . .

    I played the signature dark energies and signature traditionals side by side and bought the traditionals. Sounded and felt more articulate and less chunky.
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    Sonor SQ2 Drum Configuration.

    Oh wow! They look so cool, have fun with your new kit!
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    Wanting to give Paiste cymbals a try. Where should I start?

    Good advice because there really is so many to choose from, even the Paiste website has listings of genres and cymbal set proposals for that genre. I would be looking at Signatures and 602 modern essentials. Maybe the 2002 also.
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    Stack vs. fixed hats?

    I use closed hats with a 10 inch splash on top which adds more of a trashy bite when closed, and can get a few different sounds when played on the edge of the hat or on the splash.
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    Cheap or Expensive cymbals for Metal?

    Go for the Sabian AAX as they will fit your style well and I think they will inspire you. I like the AAX Xcelerator hi hats out of this line. Replace incrementally and repeat until you have your sound. Good luck!
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    How many rides and hi hat pairs do you have?

    Wow, some impressive collections! I have two of each, all Paiste. It's all I need. 14" Signature Traditionals Medium Light 13" 2002 Sound Edge 20" 602 Medium 20" Signature Dark Energy Mark I
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    Silent stroke heads or ekit.

    Wood dust present in every shell and directly over bearing edge after relatively light usage on a high end Pearl kit. Just like those Remo Roland bass drum mesh pads wear down your felt beater very quickly.
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    Silent stroke heads or ekit.

    I will also recommend the Aquarian Superpads with the Zildjian L80 cymbals, or at least 1 superpad for the snare. In my experience the Remo silent strokes will sand your bearing edges so get a beat up cheap kit if you are willing to use those. The e-kits are really fun but I won't recommend...
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    my Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple

    I've settled on Evans coated g12 for toms on mine - single ply but a bit thicker than usual, & stock reso clear heads. Bass drum head can be whatever you like but I'm using the stock head.
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    Zildjian Avedis New Beat 14" Hi-Hat Cymbals--Advice required

    Oh no I got caught! I guess I don't know how to play hi-hats everyone!
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    Thoughts on Sonor AQ2 Stage 6 pc

    Oh, I think the 14 is called Martini, and 18 is Bop. Don't know why though. I have the 18 BD.