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    Show us your personal drum set history - with pics

    1st Kit: 1976 (bought new by Mom and Dad) Ludwig Pro Beat. (13,14,16,18,24,Supra) 2nd, 3rd, and 4th kits, in order: 1990s Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage (8,10,12,14, 22) 1964 Ludwig (12,13,14,16,20) 2014 PDP Concept Maple (8,10,12,14,16) 5th Kit: 2018 DW Performance (8,10,12,14,16,22) 6th...
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    Copper Hoops

    Yes they are, in both cases.
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    Copper Hoops

    Yes, as an answer to 2+ year old post, they hold up..... I have a Copperphonic with the Ludwig plated die cast, and I have a 402 with aftermarket plated Ludwig triple flange. Both hold up beautifully to normal practice and gigging use.
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    Best heads for Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage

    I used black suede emperors over ebony ambassadors on my old SCA and loved the combo. especially at lower tunings.
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    Your first band

    Johnny Hitler and the 4 man microwave. High School: 1979/81 Jon - Vocals Kevin - Bass Mark - Lead guitar James - Rhythm guitar Mike (me) - Drums Punk band. We played 2 gigs. One before I left for college. The Senior Show (2 shows back to back as only half of the school could fit in the...
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    Comprehensive Gear List

    1964 Ludwig Black Diamond Pearl 3ply (12,13,14,16,20) All original hardware (Speed king, Flat base snare and cymbal stands(3), 1123 Spur Loc hi-hat, Red 1025-1 Throne) 1960's 14" A Zildjian paper thin hats, 18" Crash/Ride, 15" UFIP Crash Electro Voice RE20 externally 1998 Ayotte Custom "Ray...
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    Most beautiful drum tracks??

    Manu Katché paints a picture....
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    My drum key

    This one?
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    I find the category "Ladies" to be quite insensitive. Can Drummerworld do a better job of giving female drummers the credit that they deserve?

    Why has no one has mentioned being offended by the annual "Hit like a girl" Site/Contest, that's been running for over a decade????
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    I find the category "Ladies" to be quite insensitive. Can Drummerworld do a better job of giving female drummers the credit that they deserve?

    I find that the longer I live (now almost 59), the less I care about being "insensitive". Just being honest here.
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    1099 from Paypal??

    I got one. I sold over $20K in retired computer equipment for my boss's LLC, but about $3k in drum equip. Was surprised to get that notification. Gotta love the IRS....
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    Did you ever ignore one of your kits only to ask "what was I thinking"?

    I rotate between 3 very different kits, depending on venue/gig. A Stainless kit, a vintage 3ply Mahogany, and a modern Maple. If I haven't played one in a while, I am always pleasantly reminded why I bought/love that kit.
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    Any PC Gamers?? Anyone here use discord??

    New to gaming a year ago at 58 years old. Horizon Zero Dawn, Borderlands 3, Anthem, Godfall, and Guild Wars 2 are the list as of now. I do have Steam and Discord....BUT have only a few (3) very close friends that I play with, as I have reached the "hate people" and "get off my lawn" paradigm...
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    How Perfect Is Perfect Timing?

    Aw Man, this reminds me of good times with Esther Craw playing the accordion at Deibels Restaurant in German Village/Columbus.
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    Advice sought - loose air grommets on Yamaha BCA’s…

    I think the bolt is the safest option of all. If you go slowly and carefully, you can mitigate the possibility of cracking the lacquer. An 1/8 of a turn, loosen, check. Repeat.... Only other option I would think, but comes with more risk as well, is: Remove the lugs on either side of the...