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    Let's talk about resale value

    Do you consider the purchase of a drum kit as purchasing an asset? Is it a store of value? Is it a tool? Does it appreciate/depreciate? Do you figure in ammortization? There are many ways to look at this, But I digress. My paradigm: My first consideration in any "large" purchase is the value...
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    Desert Island Snare Drums

    5x14 Ludwig Lacquer over Brass 401 w/COB hoops and 6.5x14 Acrolite. Basically all the ranges of metal snare coverage (Black Beauty, Supraphonic, Acrolite), while the deep Acrolite can be tuned for more of a woody sound.
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    Does anybody have two of the same kit?

    No, but I'm a 22" Ludwig Bass drum away from having both a "Downbeat" and a "Super Classic" in the same year (1964), and finish (BDP).
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    who is your favorite drummer in the world?

    I had a lot of influences early, mostly in the "octave of toms" world. Being self taught, and a child of rock, I had little exposure to a lot of the "early" kings such as Krupa, Rich, and others of that era, and aped most of the 70's and 80's mondo kit drummers. Now in my late 50's, I am...
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    Anyone have a drum riser you actually travel with?

    Solid as a rock. I used ratcheting squeeze clamps to fasten the panels together. Quick and easy. It was heavy as the frames were 2"x 2"s, topped with 3/4" MDF, and piano hinges running the depth of each. Each of the 3 panels weighed about 35 pounds. Bonus was that on any hard surface, you could...
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    Anyone have a drum riser you actually travel with?

    I did until last week, when I left my band and gave it away. 3 piece portable bucket riser I made and gigged with for 6 years. Angled on one end so it could be cornered. Fit in the trunk of my Kia Optima, with rack hardware as well, and the shell kit in passenger compartment. Still had the...
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    How many of you are self-taught?

    100% self taught on kit using Headphones and FM radio in the late 70's. 4 years Grade/Middle/early High School band percussion ending my Sophomore year. In school, I didn't do well with rudiments and couldn't site read, but I was always able to listen to, then "ape" my way through any part, on...
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    A different perspective, I suppose

    I quit that group about a year ago. Absolutely littered with judgmental condescending asshats....
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    Here’s a great way to muffle your snare.

    Yes, and Yes!
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    Does a drum rack save you time?

    I graduated (pun intended) to this set-up the last year. Lessened the visual impact of the rack. It also has a smaller footprint than it would with stands.
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    Does a drum rack save you time?

    Yes, it saves time. Just like Ron Popiel says: "set it, and forget it" I could set up a 3 up, 2 down rack with floating snare basket, remote high hat, and 5 cymbals in about 10 minutes, and have everything exactly where I want it. Gigged this set-up for 6 years without issue. Never forgot a...
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    The most beautiful drum shells finishes

    The most amazing sparkle lacquer finish I have ever laid eyes on.
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    Pics of 3 up configurations?

    My old 3up setup...
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    ID Ludwig snare

    6.5x14 Black Beauty, Gaskets under the lugs and badge make it fairly recent.
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    Band meetings

    ^THIS^ ...and we have "Band night out" every once in a while to have a couple of bevs and bond. These have never devolved into negative repartee. I am fortunate to have a bunch of fabulous, but laid back, musicians, with no big egos, in my band. More often than not, the "mistakes" are brought...