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    Member generosity

    Awesome, I'm happy you were able to find a solution!
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    Electric drum kit - is it worth it?

    I look at it this way, edrums will certainly not make you want to sell your acoustic drums HOWEVER they serve several awesome purposes. 1. For general rehearsal they are great. They are not totally silent but are significantly quieter then acoustic drums, if your neighbors hate a steady...
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    I'm gonna be a bebop jazz player.

    I really enjoy Coltrane/Ali's "Interstellar Space". It is the closest music I've found that matches my general thought process on a day to day basis. Constantly shifting incoherent rambling that is equally frustrating and enticing with occasional breaks for unnecessary jingles.
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    Segmented stave drum made in Colorado. Designed by two sessions drummers and a big tall bowl maker.

    You mentioned it not having a vent hole and that you were going to try an ec2 (2ply head with sustain control). I could see that quickly turning that drum into either a wet cardboard box sound or a basket ball sound, depending on high or low tuning. Why not try something like the Genera Dry...
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    Thinking about cutting off cable.

    She would probably like the suspense channel and the romance channel on pluto tv (free!) they are both basically hallmark and lifetime. Download the app, put on one of those channels, and see what happens maybe?
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    The most beautiful drum shells finishes

    I like sparkles and glitters... Pretty much any color. Pinks and purples are fun, black is classic. I do enjoy me some satin flames. Oh yea... Any kind of metal shell looks beautiful to me.
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    Thinking about cutting off cable.

    I have a netflix subscription that a family member gifts me annually.. I barely watch it. I have a Amazon prime subscription that a different family member gifts me annually.. I just use it for shipping and not tv/movies. Honestly... I watch PlutoTv or borrow library movies (both free) for...
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    "fluffy" beater question

    Vater bomber arrived today. I've got to change heads and re tune my bass drum so my update may be delayed. It's a cool beater though! Very light weight and a few quick taps on my bass drum gives a noticably different but pleasing soft 'boom' sound.
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    Disappointed with Pearl Roadshow but it all turned out ok!

    Sorry for the delay in update, work has been crazy. Anyway, the midtown is fine.. no issues at all. No news is good news, right? Lol. I have however been doing a lot of 'mod' work (so to speak) and getting the kit to where I intended to take my prior one. Calftone batter and reso on the...
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    For April Fools We Demoed a Rogue Kit... Sorry.

    And everyone with a breakbeats is having buyer's remorse
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    Bass pedal 'toe stop'

    You are correct, the toe stopper piece from tama will fit for sure. I typically enter the product number in Google and buy from whoever has the lowest price with cheap (or free!) shipping.
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    should i get a double bass pedal?

    I can't really see you needing a double pedal for any of that. Now, if you simply want to try one for fun or just to "say you did" then I'll never discourage experimentation! You did mention the possibility of it making what you are playing more physically... I'll say "comfortable" which also...
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    "fluffy" beater question

    I actually had two old beater 'rods' I used to play around with. I attached fabric, bouncy balls, cymbal felts... Whatever. It was fun. That was a LONG time ago haha. If you end up trying the 'cheap' one please let me know. I ended up just buying the vater because I wanted one (of that...
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    In Search of a Darker, Dryer Snare Sound?

    Wow, I had no idea that existed! Thanks! Admittedly it's been years since I've really looked at remo heads (aside from drooling over black dots and wishing Evans had an equivalent haha) so I may have missed that. Certainly worth a try just simply to curb the curiosity.
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    In Search of a Darker, Dryer Snare Sound?

    Interesting, not my cup of tea but interesting none the less. Thanks for the report! I always had interest in a 2 or 3 mil coated snare reso. Evans should make a uv reso! I'm pretty sure the uv coating could handle the snares rubbing and the film they use for the single ply uv heads is a bit...