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    Wierd Al: Never Off Beat

    So happy to hear this. We unfortunately missed the unplugged show that came through because we were sick with Covid, but have seen the big production twice. Honestly, right up there with the best shows I've ever seen, and crazy fun in a way that's totally unique. Our 14-year old hasn't seen Al...
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    Bass Drum Head Prices

    Smaller quantity lot sizes are more costly to build, in spite of the raw material costs (labor's expensive). I would bet those prices directly reflect the popularity of each size head, sale prices excluded.
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    Extended snare strainer drum

    Another fan of the various versions of the Pearl extended setup (I have an old steel model 6.5x14 from the early 80s). Like Iristone said, they're not too finicky about the wire set, and they are so easy to properly adjust. Btw, steel drums have a rep for being loud, but my Pearl is anything...
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    Tom and bass head question

    The laws are different in Canada 😄
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    Snare Stand, the best one?

    Another vote for the Yamaha 700 series. It works so well, is sturdy, functional, and dependable without being over-built.
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    Wide Snare Stand

    A standard 15" snare is also wider than 15" when including the hoops, so it might work for you. I bet a Sweetwater sales rep would measure it for you.
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    Best lubrication for Iron Cobra 900 series bass drum and hat pedals

    Silicone and teflon based lubricants are good. Like Alparrott, I just use bike chain lube because that's what it's for, and they're formulated to attract less dirt/dust.
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    Stand for tom..

    Now that the secret's out, I use the old Ludwig stands, as well. They have enough give to keep the tom from choking, and are lightweight and easy to set.
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    Vic Firth Jazz Rakes

    These are supposed to be used with the curve up to prevent snags on a rough coated heads.
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    Stick Size

    Yes, good alternatives. I tried the piccolo, similar to the VF SD2 (which I like very much). I could never warm to the Vaters, though, because of the flat butt end. Just a preference.
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    Stick Size

    I can relate to Lang's statement. If 2Bs seem heavy to you, I recommend trying Vic Firth's SD1 Maples. Same diameter as a 2B, but lighter. I enjoy playing lightly with these sticks - it feels effortless. I enjoy playing with many different sticks. Collect them all, kick the duds to the curb.
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    Difference between tom and kick heads

    Like others have said, they require a thicker/wider flesh-hoop to accommodate a wooden bass hoop. If you use a tom hoop on a bass, there's a risk of the bass hoop slipping off the head's flesh-hoop. The cost difference between Ambassador 20" tom and bass heads is ~$7, so not a huge difference...
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    The Drum Modification Thread

    That's a good DIY solution. In case you don't already know, McMaster Carr is a good source for all kinds of hardware and tools.
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    SONOR Designer Floor Tom Failure

    INDe has brackets with variable spacing, BR2 is 1-2" and the BR2XL is 2-3.2". Also, there still are some Gauger Dynamounts in stock. The Worldmax would be a cheaper option for a basket, but in my experience, they can sometimes 'bind' because of sizing mismatch (between basket and drum). Edit...
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    If you’re missing Regal Tip

    Another note about the minwax lacquer: If you brush it on thick, it will cause your labels to run (at least the vic firth ink). Next time, I'll apply a coat of shellac first, let dry, then hit it with the lacquer.