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    kool and the gang drumcover I think this might be my best effort so far!
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    Dj Shadow Drumcover me playing poorly to Dj Shadow
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    Smallest drumming room I've ever seen!

    This is like drumming in Harry Potters bedroom under the stairs! If you can find any smaller please post it.
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    Homemade drums!

    Much respect to this guy and I think his kit sounds really good.
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    Greatest Rock Supergroup ?

    I know this is a very subjective subject , just interested to see who everyone else would choose ? Drummer John Bonham Bass John Entwistle Lead Guitar Jimi Hendrix Keyboards Steve Winwood Vocals Chris Cornell
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    Some of my drumcovers good or bad comments appreciated

    DJ Shadow drumcover Check out this video on YouTube: Greenleaf drumcover Check out this video on YouTube: Jungle Boogie bit sloppy at the start ...
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    Me drumming to Sgt Peppers Reprise

    After four months playing only just back on after neighbours threatened me with the police for practicing ! Anyway made some silencers out of carpet so can finally practice again . Check out this video on YouTube: Sent...
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    What's the song and drummer that made you want to play drums?

    I mentioned in another thread that after learning guitar for many years but never really feeling comfortable and progressing as much as I would like I watched Zeppelin at the Royal Albert Hall and as soon as I saw Bonham launch into Were Gonna Groove it was like an epiphany I decided that was it...
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    Greatest Funk/Soul songs to learn?

    Im primarily into rock but love the style of funk and soul and new orleans groove so which songs would you consider learning for an intermediate drummer? Love Purdies shuffle but thats a bit too advanced for me right now! Also love the drumbeat from Scorpios Theme from the Dirty Harry film but...