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    Bad News -Just Announced 12 Minutes Ago-Neil Peart Has Passed Away

    I just had a friend text me he passed. Still can't believe it. Gotta say, I teared up a bit. Loved his drumming.
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    Gigging with a Ludwig Accent?

    I hate to sound like a noodge here, but is there anything wrong with gigging out with a Ludwig Accent kit? Particularly on a Friday or Saturday night in a smokey bar with a bunch of drunks and near-drunks? And with a high probability one of your band mates will spill beer on them. I wouldn't...
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    Vic Firth 5AN

    What is the stick that is a bit heavier than the Vic Firth 5AN? I went on the Vic Firth site just now and oh my goodness, holy cow, and gee whiz!??! There's a bunch to choose from now. And for the most part confusing to dinosaurs like me. I used to use wood tip but found the tip cracks too...
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    Happy New Year Everybody!

    May 2017 be better than 2016 for everyone.
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    Compliments to the drummer

    What are some of the best compliments you've received as a drummer?
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    Dalia Drumma

    Words to live by....
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    Ever been asked to "rate" yourself?

    I read an interesting FB post discussion lately concerning drummers rating themselves on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. As you can imagine, all sorts of replies were posted about someone believing they were about an 8, or a 9, others fully believing they were...
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    Words of encouragement

    Do you ever give words of encouragement to someone outside of drumming or music and relate it back to your drumming or music? One of the best I've heard is: "Hey, Ringo wasn't the Beatles first choice to replace Pete Best and look how it turned out for HIM!"
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    Singer tries drums and fails miserably

    Ordinarily I wouldn't post something like this, but it is both funny, true, and sad at the same time. Long story short - this past Sunday when I showed up for early rehearsal I was told we have a new drummer for the rotation in the praise band. She'll play 1 song and would I mind mentoring...
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    Weightlifting and drumming

    Has anyone seen their drumming skills messed up by weightlifing or bodybuilding? Now that my wife and I are "vintage" teenagers (middleaged), we're trying to eat healthier and exercise a bunch more to maintain an active lifestyle and not be couch potatos. (She looks much better than I do, so...
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    Earned my pay playing music with teens today...

    Let me explain: a church band I'm subbing in until they find more permanent musicians had their teen-led worship service today. I was the only drummer in the place, so I was it, so to speak. The only other person on stage over the age of about 17 were me and the lead guitar player my same age...
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    Royal Enfield motorcycles

    For those who ride motorcycles, does anyone have experience or opinions of the Royal Enfield line of bikes? An item on my bucket list is to 1) learn how to ride motorcycles, and 2) ride for pleasure confidently. I live in Texas, which is Harley-Davidson country, so other than the brand name...
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    Mentoring a young drummer

    It's funny where life takes you sometimes. What started off 3 weeks ago as a 1 off gig to help out a buddy who is interim WL at a nearby church, has pretty much turned into a voluntary long term temporary fill-in gig drumming in their rag-tag praise band. In other words they ain't got nobody...
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    Fun gig

    I played again at the church where my friend was interim WL. Had a blast keeping my chops up and going thru the same routine I did almost every Sunday for 4 years before. Not too much heavy lifting but fun songs to play and I get to improvise and experiment. The kit is a "new" low end...
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    I subbed this weekend...

    ...and played out in public...something I pretty much said I wasn't going to do for a while. This happens all the time, I end up eating my words. Let me explain (short version). Saturday afternoon about 2 pm I get a phone call from a member of our church's praise and worship band - the church...