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    New Tom Head suggestions - Sonor S-Classix

    Hey does anyone have any suggestions for new heads? I have an s-classix with coated Remo Ambassadors on the batters with clear Ambassadors on the reso's. I do have them tuned up properly and they sound good but I need Uber sustain! My current setup does have ok sustain but not quite long...
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    28" Kick/Bass head - Where to buy?

    I have a 28" marching bass that I converted to a kick (huge sound) but the heads are old and thin. I am wanting to slap some new heads on there but I am having a hard time finding a place that is reputable and fast shipping for heads of this size. Does anyone have any recommendations for a...
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    Vintage Kick/Marching ID - Help?

    Hey does anyone know what kick this is? It looks like an old marching kick drum but I have no idea what brand/dimensions/year it is. Any takers? Also a bonus if the toms can be identified but my main interest is the kick. Thanks!
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    Sonor Jungle users - Or 16" kick users

    Hey just curious. Can you use regular 16" tom heads for the kick? Or do you specifically have to use kick heads? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving (if you are in the US). :)
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    Sonor Delite - Alternatives?

    Well? What can I say? I love the sound of Sonor Delite toms. They have that open pitch bend dooooooomm sound. BUT! I cant really afford them. :) My question is ... are there really any cheaper alternatives to Sonor Delite that still have that really open tom sound? Delites are 3 to 4...
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    Starclassic Performer B/B ?

    Hey does anyone have one of these kits? If so how are they? I have a chance to possibly get a good deal on one of these kits but its not local and I cant test drive it. My main interest is the way the toms sound/tuning range, etc. Also...slightly different question :) .... I am good at...