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    For those of you who tune to notes....question

    If you already selected a note, the head itself will tell you which octave. One above will be way too tight and one below way too loose.
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    Do you like wildflowers???

    Don't forget the blue bells and violets. I saw a crocus today
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    My personal list of rock and roll's top cowbell moments

    Tones On Tail "Go!"
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    Video Demo of a few bottom snare tunings

    That's a good drum for a great player. All sounded good in their own way. Four matched the toms especially well I thought.
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    How to become a DRUMMERWORLD DRUMMER?

    Tony Allen!
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    Discovered rim shots aged 46

    Also cool on toms
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    Check it out: Loudness in Streaming

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    Tama "the Classic" Anyone?

    And the price is right huh! Yeah, the beater is very nice
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    What are current trends that you like?

    1 Drumeo is out of control with all the free Hour Long!!! lessons from everybody you ever heard of or not. 2 Easy access to and general heightened awareness of "the grid." I am against grid fascism but awareness is crucial. 3. I hope the internet is just a trend, but that I was here to see it.
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    Tama "the Classic" Anyone?

    I see all these threads on new pedals that are out. So I went on down to the shop and put my foot on some. Tama's the Classic was instantly the nicest feeling pedal there for my tastes. It has some sort of height adjustment though, which is neat, but also could be a breakage issue. Anybody got one?
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    Iron cobra or pearl demon drive

    I have the Demon with the direct drive and I like it, our singer has an Iron Cobra and i like it too. They are both good. They feel pretty different though. Can't go wrong either way, both are built like tanks.
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    Tuning question (simple question, don't worry)

    This But each individual drum is a tad different. Both the same tension may or may not give wierd overtones once you zero in on the fundamental you are looking for. It's Fun!
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    Pingy Rides vs. Washy Rides

    Tape. If you look, there are many, many of our favorite players who use tape to tailor the ping of their cymbals especially in jazz. Ping + tape = stick.
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    Zildjian Avedis cymbals

    I really liked the ones I tried at the shop. Haven't heard them out and about town yet.