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    What's your "day" job?

    Definitevely quieter, close to no ordinary street crime, actually
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    INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

    Real name? Roberto Age? 50 How long have you been playing? Since I was 12 Origin of user name? Abbreviation of my name and year I was born, nothing fancy Your top 5 drummers? Mike Clark, John Bonham, Zigaboo Modeliste, Steve Gadd, Phil Gould Make of drumkit? Remo Mastertouch for bashing, Gretsch...
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    What's your "day" job?

    I'm a judge and I work in criminal court but playing my drums is so much more fun.
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    Advice for agility around the drums

    Hello everyone, I have finally managed to find the time and space for some serious workout on my drums. I have been working mostly on the snare drum with a selection of rudiments for around a year now with good results as I see some progress in speed and control. Now, I would like to work on my...
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    University of North Texas Applied Lesson Plan PDF Files

    This is some valuable information indeed. I'm currently planning my own practice schedule and I was particularly struck by reading that in such high-level musical education programs you actually work on a single page of your Reed , Stone, etc. for a whole week.