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    Double Stroke Rolls at a slow tempo?

    Practice on a pillow at this speed.
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    How do I start punk-drumming?

    Learn the push pull method with your hat hand. Essentially you whip down the first hit and you also hit when you are lifting the stick.
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    BLaCK CaT MOAN Video!

    Check us out! Thanks!
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    Gavin Harrison here!

    Hey Gavin, can you tell us about what all you have going on right now, or some things to check out? Also some influences that you are currently into? By the way I last caught you in Greensburg, PA with King Crimson...what a show! Thanks!
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    DW collectors series

    I imagine these are Keller shells too. The mounts are also prior to the ones they use now. I think a little TLC would do them a great justice.
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    HHG Snare Drums

    Anyone hear of this drum builder? My buddy builds these drums, beautiful! I review one on my youtube channel. It might be worth a look! Check it out here
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    Just Messing Around Just having a little fun on a PDP kit.
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    Hey All

    Rob here, I live in central PA and I joined up to learn and have discussions on the greatness of drums. I've been playing for 23 years or so, and am constantly learning and looking for other drummers to talk to. Thanks folks!