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    R.I.P Neil Peart

    Just read it on the news. Another legend gone.
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    Ever had a band you just couldn't like

    Queen. Whenever they pop up on the radio, the station gets changed at lightning speed. The Beatles. Same as above. Any metal. Again, see above.
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    Does this bass drum make me look small?

    Cool kit, and if the sounds right, doesn't matter how tall one is. All you need now is a 26' Paiste GB to go with it.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Frosticles, your on a buying binge. I love it !
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    Formula for how many snare drums you need

    5, and they all get swapped around. I love variety.
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    90s drumkits, who still has one?

    Yamaha maple customs, early 90's. They have been VERY well taken care of. Use them for concert band and the odd church gig. 18x14 - 12x10 - 14x14 - 14x5 snare ( not pictured ). The kick is smallish, but has enough boom for the size of the band. Not the greatest of pics, sorry !
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    My new Gretsch drums

    Turns out they WERE on my front porch. Glad they got to you safely ! As already mentioned, yellow does look good on a kit. Have fun, and don't baby them, play the things. Cheers.
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    My new Gretsch drums

    Hi Larry ! Oops, did I unsettle a few people ? Oh well, too bad. Come on, Gretsch, hurry up !
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    RIP Tom Petty

    Another of my favorites gone.
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    Us With Wolves

    Hi guys, this is my very first thread after a few years on the board, and I hope this is ok. My son's a drummer in the above mentioned band. They've just released Kings on Youtube and ITunes. I would appreciate if some of you could have a listen, and if you like share it along. It would mean a...