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    Declaring my personal Goal

    Hello all, to be blunt my double strokes are terrible, and I've narrowed this down to the fact that this is because my finger control is almost non-existent as I am self taught. For the longest time I have just accepted this as a harsh reality, but I have decided things are going to change...
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    Concept Setlist?

    Hey, my band has recently discussed structuring a "concept" Setlist if you will with a running story throughout the set. The way it would be structured as of right now is something along the lines of 1) breaking the law - judas Preist 2) I fought the law (and the law won) - our version 3)...
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    Long Reach Practice

    Today I officially switched my kit from 2 up 1 down (the racks were mounted on the bass drum) to 1 up 1 down with the rack Tom in a snare basket to the left of the bass. I'm already finding this setup much nicer to play on then the old setup, except I'm having trouble adjusting to the extremely...
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    First Orginal - Feedback Appreciated

    Our band recently debuted our first orginal at a school event and I am looking for any kind of comments, feedback, and constructive criticism. Thanks in advance.
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    Same fill problem

    I've found increasingly in my playing dispite learning several new fills and working them in to my practice I'm still playing the same old fills when jamming with another musician or my band. I have also found that I spent time getting comfortable phrasing in triplets and any thing I come up...
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    How do I make light up bass drum?

    I am playing in a battle of the bands in a couple weeks and to add to our visual show I want to place a light in the bass drum that will be triggered by hitting the drum. I have seen premade kits, but am on a very limited budget so was wondering if anyone has attempted this?