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    The rapid change in my setup since June

    Thought it was kind of neat to see the changes since then... June 2013: September 2013: November 2013:
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    Notification that practice time is over...

    How do you know when practice time is up? This is my middle daughter's way of letting me know it's time to step away from the kit, and come up from the basement... "AWWWW!!!! Just one more song! PLEASE?!?!?!"
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    Show us your '2 rack toms to the left of the bass' kits!

    Hey. Lefties have RIGHTS too! I just discovered this setup only a few days ago, and it makes things so much easier. But like Dignan, my hats are a little further than I'd like. Maybe I'll just ditch one of the toms.
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    The "Ah Ha!" moment.

    Let me start with, "Yes, I'm Lefty, and playing backwards.". Now that we got that out of the way... I'm a vertically challenged human being. (5'5") With that in mind, it has been difficult to find the magic combination of height & angle for everything kit related. The biggest issue for me is...
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    New acoustic treatment.

    Who needs acoustic foam?? Since I retired from ice hockey this year, due to injury. <*sobs*> I took SOME of my jerseys, and put them in the "drum room" today... There are about 60 hanging... I have another 25-30 I have to break out of storage... I really need to invest in carpets & ceiling...
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    Violins & School Rental programs?

    I have 3 young daughters (8, 7 & 7)... They are starting to find some interest in music, which I am very excited about. I was hoping at least ONE of them would be interested in drumming... But for now, that's not the case. :( One has a guitar, and another likes piano. I have at least some...
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    Would drumming to song with headphones on be equal to singing in the car?

    You know how awesome your voice sounds when you have the music cranked in the car, and you are really screaming along? Then, you try the same thing in your living room, at a much lower volume(or try to record yourself!)... well, you know how well that ends... Would that be the same concept...
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    Several gifts from Brother-In-Law. (one a deflated ego)

    My BIL, who is 27 and RETIRING from drumming to pursue Roller Derby(!!!), stopped by on Friday. He brought me a few things from his garage: * Roc-N-Soc Throne (barely used) * Pearl Piccolo snare * Couple of cymbal stands. Those were all nice gifts. But what he did next really was...
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    I'll never try that again.

    Along with my return to playing drums, I have been teaching myself piano. I am starting to learn how to read music, and thought I'd give an easy song a try. (Foo Fighters - Home) Practiced for a couple of weeks, without mics, and thought I sounded pretty good. Today, I Mic'd me & the piano...
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    Wish there were 48 hours in a day.

    I really would like to participate more here. But there just doesn't seem like there is enough time in a day. Between wife & kids, house, work, drumming, playing Ice Hockey, Running, and now taking up PIANO, I might be spread a little thin these days. Found out accidentally, that I was able...
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    Does this seem like a deal on CL? Mind you, I'm playing on a Groove Percussion 5PC set with: XS20 Ride & Hats, and an Avedis 16" Thin crash. Seems like way more than $350 if they are all A Customs, no?
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    Tinnitus? & Headphone suggestions

    Wanted to get some opinions, while I am waiting to hear back from my Doctor... I have only been playing a few weeks, since my 29 year layoff, and I've been experiencing some of the following.... Headaches Dizzy spells Blurred vision Ringing in the ears All of these symptoms seem to worsen...
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    Are either of these sets good deals?

    Just noodling around the interwebz, and wanted to see what the thought was on these two sets: Friend of my Sister is selling his kit & I might be able to get an extra discount on this one This reminded me of my first kit from...
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    Are these signs of addiction?

    Just wondering... 1) Bruised outer thighs: From carrying sticks everywhere you go, and tapping the outsides of your legs repeatedly. 2) Running up from the basement after every cover, and asking the wife "Did you know what song that was? Did ya? Didn't it sound familiar? Huh? Didn't it?" (and...
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    Difference between these Cymbals?

    Hi, New guy here, going to ask a stupid question: Can anyone tell me what the difference is between these two 16" Crashes? USED 16IN AVEDIS THIN CRASH and Avedis A Zildjian 16" Inch Thin Crash Cymbal My first impression was that they are the same. But why would the eBay one go for so much...