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    This felt great!

    Nice playing Andy. I would give 5 stars had we got through Hold The Line. WTF?
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    My furlough is over

    Since they're hiring you back, are you going to ask them to make the rest of the band smaller this time! :oops:
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    Jeff Porcaro on Low Down

    I don't have my good speakers setup yet to take a listen, but I like playing this 16th note groove with left hand on the snare for the backbeat (right handed traditional grip on conventional drumset layout), and left hand lead on hihat. Great groove! EDIT: "Right handed traditional grip"...
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    How much does stick size affect the ability to play fast?

    Generally, more mass requires more energy to control. So I would put hand size as a factor. Other factors include dynamics, music genre, and endurance requirements (how long or how frequent is speed being applied?). And what good is speed with a smaller stick if the stick breaks on a rimshot...
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    How does one “study” a drummer?

    Vinnie's playing to me is very compositional. He's not playing to a click. He's implying the pulse by playing figures against melodies. He's thinking 4 bars ahead and he's playing with some math. I don't think you can sound like him unless you learn to read, and like Seafroggys said...
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    Grammy Article About our Band

    I don't accept cookies so I wasn't able to read the full article.
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    Vaccine Spotter

    Completely agree. But I'm going to be pissed if someone gets a million bucks for getting the vaccine when 118,000,000 got it without that incentive, albeit it's in the state of Ohio, where I don't live and don't pay taxes. EDIT: 118,000,000 Americans have been vaccinated. 265,000,000...
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    Vaccine Spotter

    But it's the side effects that should be the chief metric for a person making a decision whether to vax or not. Pfizer, not the govt, provided that metric in their trials - 6 deaths for 44,000 vaxed. That's 1 death per 7,330 vaxed which is close to the incident rate in 90,000,000 reported in...
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    Vaccine Spotter

    Or unvaxers will get hostile to businesses that refuse to accept their patronage. Employers will refuse to keep you employed. Your concern completely ignores the fact that for 90,000,000 vaccinations given by Mar 8th in the U.S., there were less than 1000 lethal adverse outcomes (VAERS...
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    Vaccine Spotter

    The people that don't want to vax need a reason to get the shot without aspiring their decision to politics, religion or belief in science. But do they really need the shot if the rest of the world gets it? Yes, for the simple fact that those vaccinated can still be infectious during the onset...
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    Vaccine Spotter

    I figured out what you're doing Art. You're keeping us busy trying to decipher your doctoral thesis while you're off practicing your drums. Am I right or am I really right??
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    Various Shots from a month of touring

    Veloc looks great if your trip has no stairs. Even curbs might be a challenge with all that weight - carries drums AND hardware! Just sayin'! Nice venues!!
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    do you prefer classical music(orchestrated) or new age music(rock,jazz,r&b,hip hop/pop,rap,etc.)

    There's also the infectious factor. If I like it then what happens if I can't stop listening? My guesstimate was 0.01% of my current listening regimen. I would think anything above 20% is going to start impacting my playing in the styles I like to play.
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    Vaccine Spotter

    I might have to backtrack and say I really don't know if our immune systems strengthen as a result of gradual/intermittent viral load exposure. I did read a report that reduced viral load can increase your chance of survival.
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    Vaccine Spotter

    I know I had it because the symptoms were too unique and new to me, the most prominent being a prolonged deep dry cough that lasted 3 months. I also believe in viral load theory, and there's data supporting the notion that people who wear masks may still be exposed, but aren't exposed to enough...