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    Salute your local drum store,..

    Nuncies, on 2nd Ave N., Birmingham, Alabama. They closed in 2004. This was where Gary Asher worked out of for a number of years - the famed drum collector in the Southeast. It was an hour drive for me so I didn't go in there much. Got my first pro kit there - Tama Granstar Customs in Cherry...
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    Sold the Gurus

    Used to be in California. Same time zone so I kept it (Portland, OR).
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    I want to start recording advice needed

    Wow, I'm totally screwing up today. Well at least I know what a Shure mv88+ is - just a mic that interfaces to a smartphone. So yeah, the video from your iPhone is what you'll need to get transfered to your laptop/desktop.
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    Sold the Gurus

    Which vax did you get? I'm eligible starting May 1 and thinking the Phizer one is the way to go (since 30mg seems less intrusive than the 100mg Moderna shot, and since the Johnson&Johnson shot is less effective, although just slightly, and is not mRNA but an actual virus IIRC). If you do want a...
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    I want to start recording advice needed

    Ideally, you should be able to use the throw-away audio for syncing purposes. Ie, don't throw it away, but instead mute it, and then (visually) line up the mv88+ audio wave to your rendered file wave. Are there tools that perform the sync automatically?
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    I want to start recording advice needed

    The Shure mv88+ doesn't have XLR outputs, so you can't connect it as a channel on the UI24r (the two USB connections on the UI24r are for a DAW and/or a USB harddrive). I think you need a USB or Lightning connection to get video from the Shure mv88+ to your laptop or desktop for editing in...
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    The Police - Synchronicity II Cover

    Drums sound great! I like the solid back beat with the hihat flourishes. Add the ride accents and it all grooves for me here. Nice playing and thanks for sharing! PS. What size sticks did you use and are these your normal playing sticks or did you change for this song only?
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    Stick Control - How to count the short rolls in 6/8

    The 9-stroke roll in 'C' is the double-stroke version of the open-handed 9-stroke roll in 'D' (what I previously erroneously called a 8-stroke roll, sorry - it's marked as 8 notes, but a roll includes the ending note, which in this case is on count '1'). That's one of the books I have but never...
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    Stick Control - How to count the short rolls in 6/8

    Yayesss!! :) EDIT: I've never played or heard anyone play this particular exercise. That's not to say there's no musical application. Normally, when the two pulse is slow enough (eg a ballad) the 8-stroke roll would be played as a 12-stroke double-stroke roll. I have on the other hand seen...
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    Stick Control - How to count the short rolls in 6/8

    If counting D as two pulse, then I would approach the second pulse as four 16th notes played with one hand (then fill in with your other hand). You should already know how to play four 16th notes with two hands. Obviously there's a tempo limitation, at which point if you get faster, you would...
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    Rick Dior - Chapin Book Series

    I recently subscribed to Rick's channel. Great stuff and easy presentation!
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    Drum covers/ Drum beats & fills

    I'm not seeing the usual sticking snippet, so can we assume the high tom is LH, floor tom is RH?
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    I can't find my post

    Google your DW userid (with quotes) and any keywords in the title or post. Eg: drummerworld "lefty2" gold tama logo
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    Caribe Drum Score

    About the only thing I can hear consistently is the bass line. Sounds like a baiao rhythm.
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    Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

    Just my project kit I took on the road with me. The goal is to one day refinish the entire kit in a birdseye maple veneer or other exotic wood. Tama Granstar 22x16 kick, 16x16 floor in metallic gray Tama Granstar Custom toms 10x8 (black) and 11x8 (heather metallic) Tama Artwood maple snare...