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    Ludwig Breakbeats vs. Sonor Player kit

    Hi- been a few years since logging on but now I am looking for advice on gear. No better place than here... I've read through older posts on small kits but there's not much out there on this comparison in particular: Ludwig (QuestLove) Breakbeat shell pack vs Sonor Player shell pack. In use-...
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    Replaced heads with Aquarians last night - go me

    So I bought new heads for the studio kit about a year ago, but every time I went to replace them I just ended up tuning the old heads and they were still fine. I’m amazed those old heads lasted so long! They were the stock heads that came with the kit that I bought in the summer of 2006...
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    Small holes near bearing edge?

    I was replacing the batter head on a maple snare I bought about 2 years ago and noticed three or four small square holes near the bearing edge. This was the first head replacement from the stock head – so the holes were definitely there when it arrived new in the box from the factory. Is this a...
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    Simon Kirke snare sound

    Hey crew, I finally started playing drums for a band again and I've been learning a bunch of covers. Two of the tunes are by Bad Co., and I have to say- out of all the great songs we're doing, the SOUND of Simon Kirke's snare drum (as well as his playing) really stood out to me and is something...
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    20x14 inch bass drum question

    Greetings- I'm interested in getting a new 20x14 inch bass drum. I have an old that's real punchy sounding with reinforcement hoops (vintage Ludwigs circa 1967). Unfortunately it's been abused too death (even barely survived a flood) - so restoring it is not really an option. My question is: if...
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    Driving from DC to Modern Drummer Festival

    Any drummers in the MD, DC, NoVa area interested in going to the Modern Drummer Festival this weekend (Sept. 20-21)? I have extra tickets available and they are awesome seats 13th row center. Selling them for face value. A group of us from DC are driving up early Saturday morning due to gigs...