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    What's your latest purchase?

    Bought some New Paiste’s, 18” Signature Full and 18” Sig fast crashes, 15” Dark Energy l hi hats and 20” Dark Energy Mark l Ride. Also picked up a used, but in great shape, medium 18” Alpha Swiss Crash.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Ordered a DW Kit in Quilted Maple Satin a week ago.
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    One minute funk!

    Nice Grooving, and the Hi Hats sound great.
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    Gretsch Natural Satin Finish

    Found the answer I was looking for.
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    Gretsch Natural Satin Finish

    Does Anyone in the Gretsch Camp or with Furniture restoration/finishing experience know what Lacquer or polyurethane they use. I really like the Gretsch Natural satin finish, because it has a slight honey coloured tint to it, as opposed to a washed out blonde look other companies have. Just...
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    DW finish ply costs

    I’ll be ordering a kit in the next week or two, and although it’s likely going to be a DW, a Gretsch Brooklyn in Satin Maple is loudly calling my name. I usually don’t like natural maple kits, because I find them too blonde and washed out. The Gretsch‘s have a slightly honey or ambrish tint...
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    Nicko McBrain leaves Sonor - article.

    You might be right regarding the all blue kit (2013/14 tour). The pic showing just the two Toms (appears he’s doing a clinic) seem more angled than his other kits. They seem flatter on the Sonor legacy kit.
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    Nicko McBrain leaves Sonor - article.

    In a way. Considering that his BD is 24” and the two rack toms above it are 13” & 14” in depth, plus allowing for about 1/2” clearance between the 14” Tom and Bass Drum, that’s 39.5” high. They’re angled, but not crazy Lars angled.
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    Disturbing the neighbors

    I would recommend the RTOM black holes and Zildjian L80’s. IMHO they’re better than an e-kit. They really do quiet down the kit. I’m in a townhouse, and my former neighbor was a Cop. They had no idea I had an acoustic drum set, The new neighbours don’t either. Worth looking into.
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    Your personal least favorite set you actually owned.

    Sonor force 3000, huge buyers remorse on that one. 16” Floor was meh, no matter how it was tuned and eventually went out of round. I only bought it because it was the first all maple kit to have owned.
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    What famous drum or drum set would you like to play in person?

    I have a few.... Nicko McBrains legacy of the beast kit Peart’s snakes and arrows kit Ulrich’s Grey and Black Justice kit Van Halen’s Black n’ White striped kit Simon Phillips’ Red Mahogany Star Kit
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    DW Accessories-Serious Price Increases-All heads too......................

    From what I’ve read and heard, the accessories are made in China, the drum shells in Oxnard California. There was a back order on some of the parts I ordered a couple of months ago, due to a delay in shipping from China. This is what DW told the store I deal with.
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    DW finish ply costs

    I’ve played a couple and really liked them. All my Hardware is DW 9000 except the seat, which is a 5000. I’m OCD in that I like to keep it in the family ie; drums and hardware from the same company. I don’t like to mix n’ match. I’ve settled on a lacquer finish, nothing wild and crazy. Will...
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    Does everyone go through a drum rack phase?

    I put off getting a rack for years, and could get by with out one. I finally bought one. It does make set up and tear down quicker and does lessen the foot print. Since I’m ditching my double bass kit for a single, I’m going to go the route Drumminjc took with his old DW kit....racks either side...
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    DW finish ply costs

    I hadn’t thought about that. I haven’t read about their nickel plating wearing or chipping easy. I’ll check into it. Well it down to ( in no particular order) 1-Twisted White Satin Finish Ply 2-Natural Finish Curly Maple with Nickel plate. 3-Oak Shell Kit, ebony stain with black nickel...