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    What famous drum or drum set would you like to play in person?

    This was it for me at the time. I actually had a similar kit and played a lot of Rush. Still have all the bells and whistles but haven't played them since the 80s early 90s.
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    Insurance on drums, anyone done it?

    I would put the same replacement cost on both figures. If you play out and want them covered, inquire into an inland marine policy. I have mine scheduled on my Homeowners policy but they're not covered playing out. I'm mainly concerned of theft. Most Homeowners have limits of coverage if any on...
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    Some encouraging news. The President has approved Chloroquine for fast track production to treat COVID-19. It's already an approved 40 year old malaria drug but the FDA wants to see the data first??? The already approved Ebola drug Remdesivir has to go through clinical trials for the use in...
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    No logos, stickers, or duct tape!

    Small inconspicuous logos I can live with, but tape on the heads etc... I can't. I do use clear moon gels sometimes though.
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    Neil Peart's Ludwigs

    Never realized he played the HiHat stand spread out to the left. Looks like he incorporated the tighter hoop mount set up later on.
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    New Ludwig Speed King

    That was my first pedal after the stock Sears pedal. I forgot it was Direct Drive.
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    What Songs Do Audiences React Best To ?

    One of the top songs I think is Footloose. We don't do it (I really don't like it that much) but I've seen what happens when other bands do it. I'd like to gamble on taking it up a notch and do Workin for the Weekend. It's on the list to learn.
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    Undersized Drums

    I noticed my Signia's were smaller before I actually found out for sure they were intentionally made that way. I guess the thinking was to let the head stretch over the edge where the collar is further away. I think they stopped this later. I don't know if this has anything to do with the sound...
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    Your next planned purchase

    Real Nice. Similar to the color of my Premier Signia. Your rack system and perhaps a black bass head would top it off for me.
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    Your next planned purchase

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    Your next planned purchase

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    Need advice on kit purchase

    My first drum set was from Sears. Had my initials on the bass and I still have the throne. I thought then and still think it was a great first kit.
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    Need advice on kit purchase

    Consider a Mapex kit. I think It's one of the best kits for the least amount of money and you'll have money leftover for hardware and cymbals.
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    14" FT in the rack tom position of a 4-piece

    Mine's actually a 16 and 18 FT. Just played this weekend and it sounded great.
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    Go easy on the floor toms dudes!

    I have a tendency to take things too far. Sounds good though.