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    Advice on traditional grip

    Thank you, IWearNoHats. I think I get the idea of the exercises you're proposing, and probably the band one is most accessible. You also make a good point about the traditional grip rotation coming from the fulcrum at the thumb. Someone else on this forum once pointed out the importance of...
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    Advice on traditional grip

    Hello IWearNoHats: I think you are exactly right. I've been struggling with focal-hand dystonia, compensating by using traditional grip, and I've really worked hard on my hand technique, working with a top-notch instructor and really analyzing what is happening with my hands. I'm completely...
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    Advice on traditional grip

    I also have focal distonia, and it's been a huge struggle. I literally cannot play matched grip. Fortunately, the distonia affect is much less with traditional grip, so that's what I've been working on. For me, the issue then with traditional grip is developing the correct little muscles...
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    Ice drumming

    Looks way cold but sounds way nice.
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    human drummers and fractals

    An interesting study: What differentiates human drummers from machines? Fractals. The imperfections that human drummers make are not random. Rather they form a fractal pattern that is pleasing to the listener. Of course, they were studying Jeff Porcaro. Good choice.
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    Drum Fill Friday quiz

    Anyone seen or tried these quizzes from NPR? I just discovered them today. Tried today's quiz, did horribly, just 1 out of 5. Last week's was much easier, scored 4 out of 5.
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    Dangerous Illusions

    You all have probably seen the ads for this novel, Dangerous Illusions, all over various drumming websites. I finally succumbed. I can't say as I would recommend it for the plot or character development, but it is kind of fun to read for the various references to rhythm and drumming and the...
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    Just came across this. DrumPants. I think that there are other things somewhat like it, but this seems pretty cool and well executed. By the way, I'm not in any way affiliated (though I did just contribute to their Kickstarter campaign).
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    Saw this clip from wikidrummers, thought it way cool. Didn't see any previous threads or posts about it.
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    Paul Simon and Sting

    Anyone know who will be drumming on this upcoming Paul Simon & Sting (on stage together) tour? We gonna get Gadd and Colaiuta?
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    Happiness is ...

    ... a 5-year-old boy with his first drum kit. That's my youngest. He has 2 older brothers who play guitar and keyboard, and ever since he could talk he has identified himself as the drummer in the family. Just got his first kit for Christmas. He's one happy little dude.
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    Daniel Glass Century Project

    Anyone else yet watched Daniel Glass's Century Project DVD? I just got it last week and watched the first DVD on a flight. Personally, I think it's brilliant, and I can't wait to watch the second DVD. I'm a beginning drummer, and besides learning how to play, I'm also trying to learn as much...
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    Mangini at 247Drums in Boston

    For those of you in the Boston area, if you haven't seen this already, thought you might be interested... Mike Mangini will be at 247Drums next Saturday, September 29, 2-4pm for the grand opening of the store's new showroom. There's information in the Facebook page, and I've attached the press...
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    practicing rhythms while walking

    My instructor was telling me that when he was a student (at Berklee), while walking from place to place he would practice rhythms that he was trying to learn. So I've started doing that. What I do is either count or sing the rhythms using my walking gait as the metronome. I think it's been...
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    drum kit side car

    Looks fun (sorry if this is old)