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    How and why do drummers elevate the front of the bass drum head off the floor?

    Exactly , have always elevated the front myself
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    'playing in the pocket'?

    Your in the zone....
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    What's your latest purchase?

    New to me but used ( 6 months old ) in brand new condition from a guy that upgraded so he didn't want them anymore. I paid $ 300.00 Ludwig Evo's black sparkle wrap finish he included the throne , this kit is much lighter than my Yamaha SC I use , I still love my SC. but I'll be using the...
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    Jamie2c's grip question. Please help him.

    Its possible , but not probable 1. Stop using those sticks and go with was working 2. Check your technique Good luck
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    When Buying a Used Kit

    I agree with above responses, in that it doesn't sound like your too thrilled about this purchase. If you do a cost analysis by time you buy this 5pc with no snare and all the other hardware , you'd be better off buying a new 5pc kit with snare that has bass drum mounted hardware for the toms...
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    New Kit: What to Look For When Delivered

    Well I'm sure everything will arrive shortly then , in the mean time you a new kit to put together 👍
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    New Kit: What to Look For When Delivered

    Then on paper you never got them ?
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    Suspended Muffling Bass Drum Hack - $0

    interesting concept , sounds better tuned low Thxs for the vid 👍
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    Somebody Should Buy This Kit

    Likewise , nothing comes up
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    Just in case you’re not playing enough bass drum:

    Hell I thought it said sextuplets
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    What's your latest purchase?

    I've also have the same pedal , and actually I like it alot
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    New Kit: What to Look For When Delivered

    A good friend of mine is a UPS regional transportation manager and the horror stories he tells me , just be cautious and Document everything
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    New Drum Kit Suggestion

    All the above ... Personally Yamaha SC
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    Fired for COVID/ Age

    Sorry to hear , shrug it off wasnt meant to be But groove on 🙂
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    Performance Reviews

    Go with the flow , a few bucks is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick