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    odery cafe kit

    The TAMA is junk. I had one. Tension rod lug splay and sounded bad. It's toy-like. Odery I am not sure about. Look at the Sonor AQ2 now there is an excellent kit that sounds fantastic and built to gig. INDe also has a new travel gig kit just announced for $999 check it out it may be best of all.
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    Ludwig Classic Maple

    I just sold a 3 piece Classic Maple on Reverb for $1,100 that was mint condition. 20x14 kick. Your kit is a lot bigger with that 24x18 kick so that will be harder to sell and a monster to ship. Shipping could cost you over $100 just for kick alone. If you sell locally you might get $1,300 for...
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    How to be one of the 10 richest drummer at a young age ?

    This is joke, right?
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    Worth watching (funny)

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    Ludwig Salmon Oyster

    FYI this thread is 2 years old. I've owned played and sold 5,347 snares since then lol.
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    My New Canopus Kit

    Thanks, Gish. I do a lot of buying/ selling kits: my wife has a rule if one comes in to the house one must exit the house lol. I'm always searching for just that right kit. My practice kit is a beautiful Premier made in England kit that I'll never sell. It stays safe and snug in the house. Yeah...
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    My New Canopus Kit

    I've been looking for a lighter kit to haul around to gigs (lighter than my Ludwig Classic Maple with 20x14 kick). And, I really wanted a shallow kick to help with some tight stage spaces. I also wanted something built in USA, or else Japan. I looked for vintage Tama Japan, Sakae, that sorta kit...
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    Another alternative for a drum riser...

    That's a lot more than I want to carry to a gig. I can set up same level as my band no problem. The less I carry the better lol
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    Would you purchase a used kit from studio

    Yup. I've done that several times. Had used snares shipped to local store. I actually have never brought anything home - the condition was always far lower than listed. I get my refund immediately in store. No risk. I figure sometime I'LL GET LUCKY.
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    New Orleans Style Drumming

    Ain't nothing but a cool swingin' Bo Diddley/ Clave/ Second Line groove. It really swings. And, you don't HAVE to play everything exactly perfectly like the original.
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    Should I Port My 18x10 Kick?

    Thanks, but I don't like to switch because, on this size drum, that changes the rebound and feel a lot. I wanna go one way or the other so how I'm playing at a gig is how I've practiced. If I show up at a larger gig and it's unported, will most sound guys be pissed? Will most mic the reso head...
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    Should I Port My 18x10 Kick?

    I'm getting an 18x10 kick with a Canopus ash kit. It was custom built for one of their artists. Hardly used. Anyway, I have two questions: 1. Should I port the reso head? Most of our gigs are low volume jazz affairs where drums are un-mic'd (other instruments are electric bass, electric guitar...
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    Lightweight Drums and Hardware

    I'm in same boat as you. I'm looking at lite kits with 18" kicks. I use a cymbal mount on kick drum, so that saves weight of one stand. I put rack tom on a lite snare stand. The snare stand is lighter than rack mount on kick. I use DW lite hardware. It's very lite and comes in a heavy bag...
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    Sakae in 2020

    I checked out the George Way Tuxedo Acacia kit. Looks really nice. I like the thin shells with re-rings. What I don't like are those single center lugs - those long tension rods are a major pain when gigging. So easy to bend them. They're just not very practical. For gigging I need reliability...
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    Every drummer should listen to this.. A great, great interview..

    I like it. He made some points my wife uses when teaching dulcimer: learn how to listen. Back in the day there were no books to teach you how to play. You learned by listening then playing with others. I like his idea of learning how to solve problems and you only have a split second to make a...