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    Nice Inexpensive “Snare” Rack from Ikea

    I paid just less than $100 for my real snare stand. It holds at least 10 snares.
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    And here I go....

    Yes this exactly: they have become students of YouTube that for the most part teaches them to be soloists rather than part of a rhythm section that accompanies other musicians. That's what I see missing a lot of the on-line lessons and advice from young drummers who play crappy drums in unknown...
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    Junna - I was not prepared for this...

    Not racist. I'd wish becoming a successful doctors or scientist or IT Professional on any race or nationality.
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    Junna - I was not prepared for this...

    There's like a zillion Asian child videos of girls and boys playing incredible drums, violin, cello, trumpet whatever. I get tired of it. What do they do when they're 20? 30? They're ain't enough bands to handle the surplus of drummers. Kinda like puppies and kittens they're cute but then they...
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    Informal Poll: How Do You Prefer Your Snare Drum?

    I try for a lot of snare in the sound, too, and very little ring. What helps is using a vintage snare with internal muffler. An Acrolite is perfect.
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    How do most enthusiasts view this guy?

    Outside of temp shutdown with Corona, lots of touring jazz groups and ensembles. He'd have to put all these toys away and live with a 4 or 5 piece kit and just a few cymbals, play in the group's groove, and only take the occasional solo. May be more than he can handle.
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    How do most enthusiasts view this guy?

    His cymbals those double cymbal sorta things all stretching top left to right sound like crap. But the sound of toms I was really into. All in all just way over top.
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    Informal Poll: How Do You Prefer Your Snare Drum?

    Medium to medium low for blues and traditional NOLA. A bit tighter for jazz, but not much. I like crushed rolls to sound really crushed without any stick evident. In smaller venues unmic'd the audience appreciates the lack of gun fire in close proximity. High and tight is just too sharp and jarring.
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    Round vs. Saddle throne?

    And on a motorcycle you don't have to use your legs or shift around like a drum kit. Even better is example of a bicycle made for road riding or racing. No round seats there !!!
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    What are you doing drumwise during the lockdown?

    Nothing. Not because of the quarantine, but just before it started we got a new cat. He hates the sound it drive him into a seizure sorta state. My sisters said the same happened to them when we were children lol
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    Round vs. Saddle throne?

    Roc-n-Soc. More leverage in legs it makes your Iegs incrementally stronger.
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    Round vs. Saddle throne?

    It has to spin or else you're lower body is restricted from shifting right to left to right. If it doesn't spin it would be very uncomfortable you'd have friction in a very wrong place :)
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    The most portable kit?

    Most Portable vs Best Portable. They're not the same. I recently bought an INDe Wayfarer for $999. 18x10 kick, 14x10 floor tom, and 10x6 rack tom (no rack hardware the kick is virgin). Extremely portable. Outstanding build quality you could tour with it. Looks great. And sound is very musical...
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    A better analogy for skills learned by playing minimal kits.

    I was taught to play snare. Rudiments. Nothing on a kit.For my lifetime journey with playing, the kit has been much more important. But I'm always behind the curve because I wasn't exposed to playing a kit at early age. If I had to do it over again I would have just played kit and enjoyed it more.