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    GrooveHub KIndergarten Extreme!

    GrooveHub Kindergarten Extreme! Hey Guys, we've recently finished our second studio album. We're very happy to introduce you the first video from a song which we have in our playlist a little while. It reflects totaly our second album, it is more punchy, fatsounded, crazy and so on and so on :)...
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    DW design series 10"tom issue

    Hey guys! I'm wondering if anyone has dw design series, and also has some issues with the 10" inch tom. The issue is that in those circles of the mount I've marked is quite a lot space, so the whole drum is moving up and down....and it gets annoying...does anyone solved this? if yes how? thanks...
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    messing around in studio

    Hi guys, I havent posted anything in a while, so here I come with a short video from last week studio visit. I was preparing and creating few fills for a short solo. Its divided in 5 beats for drum fill and 3 beats for a unisono break with the bass and piano. In the second half of the video they...
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    Victor Wooten & Dennis Chambers gig

    Hello guys I just wanted to share with you my excitement. Our band GrooveHub will have the pleasure to support Victor and his trio at his gig. We'll be playing a 40 min gig just right before his performance!!! Un case you'd like to check the band - Yayyyyy...
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    Rio, our newest video online!

    hello guys, I'd like to introduce you our newest video, this is RIO! thanks for watching!
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    GrooveHub live drumsolo

    Hey guys, I'd like to share with you one lovely solo I did during one of our songs, thanks for watching :)
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    My Christmas gift for you!

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year folks! This one is for all of you!
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    DW design series heads choice

    Hello guys, those of you,who have dw design series. What heads are you using,and why? I recently bought this kit, the 22,10,12,16 set and now I'm standing before this decision - which heads to buy....I have the coated ambassadors for trying. But I'm wondering, what your experience is, thanks!
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    New music video from our fusion band GrooveHub

    Hello guys, how are you doing? We made a small early Christmas present for all of you, who like good fusion music. Here is a music video from our first album Enter The Hub, with the first song of the album. Enjoy,share and comment if you like it!
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    GrooveHub - the winner of young talent competition at Bratislava Jazz Days album release!

    Hey guys, I'd like to introduce you our first CD! I'm attaching a short EPK we made to tell you more about our music and what we want you to experience through it. It's in slovak language, but english subtitles are included :) enjoy thanks!
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    sextuplet fill 120 bpm

    hey guys, I've been lately working a bit on this drumfill, this is a video practicing it in 120 bpm, unfortunately the HH is still very silent, but I'm working on it :)
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    fancy groove :)

    hey guys, I just wanted to share a groove with you, it might be an inspiration for some of you :) cheers
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    some KKRLRL combinations

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you some KKRLRL combinations I liked, I hope you enjoy it, and tell me what you think :)
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    jazz startup conpetition

    Hey guys, this is very important for me, we are attending in a jazz startup competition, so far we are in a next round, but now we need votes from our fans. Some of you have heard our songs, so pleas be so kind and give us a vote, the onli thing you need to do is click on the link...
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    drumhead combination experiment, pls help!

    Hey Guys, I'm about to try a head combination where I will use evans EC2 heads on top and remo coated ambassadors on bottom of floor toms and toms of my set. Its a PDP M5 maple set. Did anyone of you tryed this combination before? thanks a lot!