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    Good video showing how Zigaboo plays "Cissy Strut"

    yep that same vid helped me a ton. now I can actually fake it haha
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    And just like that, you hate your current gear...

    Yes completely understand, I still go back and forth between a Yamaha kit and an old Ludwig 3 ply. Love one for awhile, then it's like not feeling it and the other seems right. I don't fight it I just go with it,
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    Ever owned or played a "famous" drum set?

    Cool! it was a 1969-ish gold Ludwig kit, 3ply with rings. b/o badges I think. I've got a blue 1970 one already so no way I could justify buying them
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    Ever owned or played a "famous" drum set?

    Forgive me if I'm wrong but are you in North Carolina. If so are you referring to those gold Ludwigs from the Sex Police album. I am a HUGE fan of SP, saw their reunion gig at Cat's Cradle last year. Twas awesome!
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    need advice- 1970 super classics

    Hey guys, I have a 1970 luddy 3ply kit, 13-16-22, my teacher and I were tuning them the other day and he pointed out that the bass drum is not really in an ideal position. The legs are a little bit short and the drum basically sits straight vertical on the floor, instead of having the front...
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    Gig report

    Not a report really, just a quick share: This weekend I was sitting behind my 1970 Ludwig Super Classics (first time out for these guys) as we closed a set with Led Zep Good Times Bad Times. In the middle of a fog machine. Couldn't see the lead guitarist or bassist, just said to myself I am...
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    craigslist find of the week

    Hey folks, For those gear hounds out there, what we have here is a set of vintage Tamas complete with custom internal dampening installed. Extra dampening materials included to tweak the sound as needed, when you just gotta have that authentic sound of virgin flat cardboard. You're...
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    stencil badge ID- anybody want to play

    Personally I enjoy sleuthing down old drums I find on craigslist....I guess maybe it's a subset of GAS, shall I call it Gear ID syndrome perhaps? Don't know if anybody else suffers from this but if so I have a brain teaser for today, I have this old bass drum I literally found in a junkpile...
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    travelling to NYC next month- cool music spots

    Hey all, My wife and I are headed to NYC next month for a weekend of fun, and pretty much top of my list is checking out some music. I've seen some New York cats on this forum, could any of you please recommend some cool places to check out (I guess this is sort of like asking where the fish...
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    not so new guy

    Hey all, been a lurker for awhile but just started posting a couple of weeks ago. I guess I skipped this step haha, what can I say I'm usually in the gear section with all the other addicts Love this forum and appreciate all the knowledge that is here, recent activity notwithstanding I'm more...
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    need help- vintage Yamaha kit

    OK guys need some wisdom here, I am a Yamaha die-hard and found an interesting kit on craigslist, but my collector/hoarder bias is getting in the way of my decision making abilities. I either need someone to talk me off the ledge, or validate that I'm still within acceptable levels of GAS The...