Dec 10, 1963 (Age: 60)
  1. Blues
  2. Jazz
  3. Pop
  4. R'n'B/Funk/Soul
  5. Rock
  6. Latin
  1. 3Up/1Down
  2. 3Up/2Down
Drum Tuning
  1. Low End
  2. Medium Tight
  3. Jazzy
  4. High Tuning
Snare Tuning
  1. Max. Body
  2. High Tunings
  3. Cranked
  1. Dark
  2. Warm
  3. Bright
  4. Live
  5. Clean
  1. Drums
  2. Keys
  3. Studio
  4. Live
  5. Audio Engineering
  6. Composition
Senior CSR


Royal Star Maple 1973, 3 rack Toms (10X7, 12X8, 13X9}, one Floor (16X16), BD 22X14,
Star Reserve Plain Maple 14X5", Star Reserve Solid Sedan 14X6.5", Starphonic Maple Mappa Burl 14X6", SLP G-Maple Zebrawood 14X7", Chrome over Steel 14X6", SLP Fat Spruce 14X6.0", SLP G-Maple Satin Tamo Ash 13X7". Sonor Benny Greb signature 2.0 Brass 13X5.75". INDé Single Ply Steam Bent Cheery 14X6.5" (Summit Shell), Kalamazoo Bronze 14X6.5". Dunnet Modeled Aluminium 2N 14X6.5", Modelled Bronze 2N Gergo Borlai 14X6.5". Summit Drums Single Ply Steam Bent Walnut 15X8"/Floor Tom, Purpleheart 14X6.25" Gold Hardware, 14X6.5" Black Hardware, Mahogany/Beech/Mahogany 14X8" and Bubinga Peak 14X5.0", Sassafras 14X7", Quilted Dark Cherry 14X7" & 14X6.5". Mapex All Black Panther: Walnut 30th Anniversary 14X6.5", Shadow Birch/Walnut/Rosewood Veneer 14X6.5", Cherry Bomb 13X5.5", Predator Brushed Copper 14X6". Ava Drums 4 Stable Stave, Mahogany Purple Stain Gloss Finish 14X6.5", Walnut Satin Finish 14X6.5" and Red Stain High Gloss Finish White Oak 14X6.5", 3 Colors Bird Eyes Maple 14X6.5". Yamaha Recording Custom Brass 14X6.5". Noble & Cooley 14X6.0" Gloss Finish, Natural Tulipwood. Sonique Drums Tung Oil Gloss Finish Cherry 14X5.5".
A Custom ride 23" 25th anniversary.
Meinl: All Byzance, Equilibrium China 20" Matt Garstka, Traditional 19" and Dark 17", Jazz Thin 17" Crashes, Splash Vintage Sand 10", HiHat Sand 14", both Benny Greb models. Extra thin hammered crash 20". Foundry Reserve ride 20". Hi Hat Byzance Foundry Reserve 14" on Pearl RH2050 remote hat.
Paiste: Sound Formula Frankenstein logo Crash 16" and Signature Dark Energy Crash 15" & 19". Signature Master Dark Crisp Ride 22", Signature Full Crash 18", Twenties Hihats 13" on Pearl RH2050 remote hat, Splash 900 colorsound blue 10".
Sabian: AAX Raw Bell Dry 21", HH Raw Bell Dry Ride 21", Mini Monster Stack 12" (Aero 12" on top of Mini holy China 10"), AAX Aero 10", HHX Evolution 10" and 12", HHX 12", AAX 11", AAX Air 8", HHX Complex 10" Splashes, AA Holy China 17" "Chad Smith" model and Mini Holy China 12", Artisan V Light ride 20" & Crash 16", AAX Xplosion Crash 14" & fast crash 18", HHX Xtrem Crash 17", HHX Groove ride 21", Xsr Sizzler Stack (Xsr Ozone Crash 16" over Xsr China 16"), Hihat HHX Click Track 14" on Gibraltar X-Hat. Artisan Raw Bell Ride 40th Anniversary 22".
Hardware : Tama Cymbals stands, Star snare stand, Dyna Sync Kick Pedal & HihaT, Tama First Chair with Backrest. Gibraltar Stands & X-Hat. Pearl 2 Remote Hats RH2050
Location: Canada