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    Having doubts about my drum teacher

    I'd definitely be looking for a new teacher! I have regular lessons. The first half of the lesson is spent going over the things I was given to work on in the previous lesson, both exercises and songs, and getting feedback to improve on parts where needed. Then we move onto new things to work...
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    Open Mic Nights - How To?

    I struggled with Jam nights as my weakpoint is impro. However a weekly one was set up near me and they added a facebook group where you could put suggestions up for songs to play. It works great as you can suggest a couple of songs, people jump in on the thread and put themselves down for your...
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    How do you sleep after a rehearsal or show?

    I deffo wake up during the night after a rehearsal or gig with songs running through my head!!! I dream drum along until I'm back into deep sleep again!!!
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    I'm out of gift ideas for myself

    Ha ha, My OH refuses to buy me anything drum related as he complains that I spend too much time on them already and he doesn't want to further fuel my addiction!!!
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    First paid gig!

    I've been playing 4 years now, but only formed a band last year. We've done 6 gigs this year, mostly at local festivals, gradually gaining confidence and building our set list. Last night we played a 1 hour slot at a festival at a nearby village pub. We turned up and were given our "musician"...
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    Very first live gig!

    I was hesitant in posting here, as everyone here seems to be an accomplished gigger, but I'm trying hard to overcome my fears, so here goes! I've been playing 3 years now, but pretty much only in my sound isolation booth at home. I've been having lessons for those 3 years and practice hard...