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    drums too loud in unfinished raw basement

    i forgot to mention, there are no rooms in the basement. just a big open space.
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    drums too loud in unfinished raw basement

    I’d like to play acoustic drums in my basement but the issue is that sound goes to the upper floors and is too loud. E kit isn’t an option right now due to money. I’d prefer to not use mutes to practice as it’s not as fun. my basement is completely UNfinished and raw. ceiling isn’t insulated...
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    TORONTO practice spaces for drums

    after this coronavirus thing is gone, i’m looking to move into an apartment but i also want to have access to a practice room in Toronto. I see guys like matt garstka have access to a practice room which i believe is in a building dedicated to these things. i’m not looking for practice spaces...
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    Remo silentstroke and Evans soundoff mesh heads: the feel??

    I’m thinking of getting Evans soundoff mesh heads Or Remo silentstroke heads. But I’m wondering about the feel. Is it possible to get a feel to that of a real drumhead? The feel and rebound component is really important as I want what I play on these heads to be transferable to a real drum kit...
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    32 bar solo from Jack DeJohnette

    Hi y’all, I have a class assignment coming up and I need to do a transcription of a 32 bar drum solo. Anybody know of any songs where Jack DeJohnette plays a 32 bar drum solo? thanks in advance
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    What’s the difference between jazz combo and jazz ensemble?

    As the title says. Thanks to all in advance.
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    Suggest some jazz waltz tunes that have trading

    Sup y’all, Suggest some jazz waltz tunes with trading happening. Looking to see what the masters did in 3/4. Thx!
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    Please recommend some John Coltrane Albums with Elvin Jones’ trading

    As the title says. I’m looking to pull some vocab from Elvin within John Coltrane’s music.
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    Technique for hitting only the top of hi hats fast?

    I was practicing improvising an open drum solo and I came up with this idea of having my right hand play fast triplets on the top of the hi hat, so no accents. I quickly found that my technique got in the way and couldn’t execute it as fast as the solo called for it. Is there a certain technique...
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    Post the best open drum solos here

    I’d like to listen to some musical, open drum solos. What I mean is where the drummer is the only one who plays and doesn’t have any reference to a melody that was just played earlier. Want to learn because I have a college audition and I am required to just play an improvised solo.
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    Stick moves horizontally instead of vertically

    I noticed after video taping myself that my left hand’s stick moves side to side a bit and I’ve noticed that it contributes to the sloppiness in my playing. What can I do to fix this issue and make it so my stick moves in an up and down motion? I’ve tried using...
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    How to play a rhumba?

    My audition requires that I am pay a rhumba, but I consulted my drum teacher and he said that it doesn’t make sense that one would ask someone to play a rhumba, or something along those lines. He told me the closest thing is the cha cha. but I am curious to know if this is true, just to make...
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    Soloing in time, issues

    I’m currently practicing big band charts for my audition in a couple of weeks and in the charts there are some drum solo sections. I think I have the chops and the speed but my problem is playing them in time. You see, with a click I can solo okay but in some of the tracks I’m listening to...
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    Trouble playing a fast shuffle with left hand

    I’m trying to play a jazz shuffle and I’m having difficulty getting my left hand up to speed. I’m trying to ghost all the 8th notes except for the 2 and 4, which are rimshots. Any suggestions/videos for getting my technique down to do this?
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    Neck pain from looking at music stand

    I’ve been experiencing neck pain and stiffness on the left side of my neck due to constantly looking to the left to see the music charts. I tried placing the stand in front of me so I wouldn’t have to turn my neck but due to having my Tom mounted to a stand, I have to place it behind the stand...