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    And then there was ONE

    It's very liberating. I sold off a vintage kit and other miscellaneous gear over the last couple years and I don't miss any of it. Just 2 kits now and one set of stands. I don't want stuff sitting in cases to get played occasionally, I don't have enough room (or desire) to set it all up and...
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    What are your all time top 3 cover versions of your favourite songs?

    While not my favorite songs, these are my 3 favorite covers versions: "You Really Got Me" - Van Halen "Satisfaction" - Devo "The Passenger" - Siouxsie and the Banshees
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    Your 3 most fav Drummers From Each Decade You Have Been Playing

    1970's - Mick Tucker - Peter Criss - Neal Smith 1980's - Neil Peart - Terry Bozzio - Bill Bruford 1990's - Manu Katche - Philip Gould - Jerry Marotta 2000's - Pat Mastelotto - Gavin Harrison - Steve Smith 2010's - Asaf Sirkis - Mark Guiliana - Benny Greb
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    I thought a plexiglass cage was bad

    Agreed. Or a drummer who can play to the room on an acoustic. Like most, I hate these kind of booths. Either you want drums or you don't.
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    No Nuts?

    Since I only bring 3 cymbals typically, I've been using the Sweet Spot cymbal toppers in blue. Purely aesthetic, (they compliment my kit color) but I also like them cause they are larger and not so easy to lose. It takes a few seconds to thread, but again - 3 cymbals so....
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    Zildjian New Beats

    I love my New Beats. They are crisp and bright and give me the exact sound I want (like what sillypilot said above). Probably the one piece of equipment I have never looked to replace.
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    If you had to learn drums all over again what would you do differently?

    I have no regrets, but would have spent more time on playing jazz. I listen to a lot, but haven't worked enough on comping with the left hand, right hand swing feels etc. That said, I'm happy being the drummer I am.
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    A Modern Day Touring Drummer's Gear Requirements...Holy Smokes!

    Yeah, that's a crazy cool setup. Expensive, especially considering what I've read about salaries for touring back-up musicians, though I won't pretend to know what Shakira pays.
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    Let’s Talk Pork Pies

    I also have a BoB and love that snare! You can find them new and used for a fraction of what other similar name drums cost.
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    Looking at buying a throne.

    Agree 1000%. I have had a Roc N Soc now for 25 years and it still looks and feels new. 3 years ago I bought a round Pork Pie (in the $150 range) and love it. I expect to have that till my end days. When I first started I had a cheap throne and it is not worth the inevitable back pain you WILL...
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    Stupid things people have said or asked you about playing drums while gigging

    "Can I sit in?" - - "No you can't" "C'mon man, let's kick this up a notch" I guess I wasn't quite "kickin' it that night.
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    Ever wonder where all the drums go to?

    In bags in people's basements or storage units
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    Band being unreasonable?

    Enjoying myself, and mutual respect among band members is a must-have for me in a band. If one of those is missing and it can't be changed, I'm leaving.
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    Sit in request on the gig

    I agree with everyone here. I would never ask to sit in myself, and will not let anyone I don't know sit in with my band, especially with my gear. I just had someone ask me this past Friday. He saw me starting to break down while some of the guys were still noodling at the end of the night. He...
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    The things you find: Used Sabian B8 ride... for $200

    I love how they autographed it with a crayon