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    My Ringo impersonation circa 1964

    My band's normally all lazy loungey but we keep a few dancey numbers up our sleeves to keep needy drunks from hassling. This one's The Beatles I Saw Her Standing There. When the song was first suggested I immediately thought of this 1964 live clip of...
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    Real dinner music

    Looks like a new opening for enterprising composers and sound designers
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    These days I find myself being attracted to more raw sounding music. Not sure if it's an ageing thing or if raw sounds seem fresh given that most modern music is ultra slick. Do you think rawness will make a comeback or will it be increasingly seen as retrograde, something from which to...
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    Man Who Sold the World - advice please

    We've started playing The Man Who Sold the World. The original has a guiro on top of Aynsley Dunbar's drums: I'm trying to get a bit of that "exotic" effect while staying with the bass by playing a bounced note on the snare on the 1. Not sure it's working...
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    Montez Coleman

    Anyone know about him? I just came across this vid: The man's grooving like Purdie!
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    The bashing impulse

    I was reading Andrew's interesting and relevant blog this morning - he was talking about dynamic transitions. One passage grabbed my attention (my emphasis): As a drummer, your job is to set the dynamic range of the music. If you play loud, everyone else kind of has to. With that in mind...
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    Poor old rhythm section

    In the news: "Family Man" Barrett, the 60-year-old guitarist who believes he is the author of the bass line which gave Marley's late-1970s hits their inimitable rhythm, failed yesterday in his latest legal bid for a...
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    Sunshine of Your Love - Live vs Demo

    Got hold of footage from a fundraiser we played at last year. First 30 secs shows the event with Moondance in the background, then it cuts to SOYL. Some of my forum buds will remember our demo of the song almost two years ago (doesn't feel that long!)...
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    Attention: Steely Dan tragics

    When you play along with the Dan (of course you do), do you work on note to note covers like Gvdalphabetsum does or do you do the main accents and add (or subtract) nuance your own way? Interesting to know which tracks do you enjoy playing with the most? For me, Josie's way up there, Don't...
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    Jeff Beck's keyboardist?

    Trying to get my head around this dynamic - there's Jeff Beck, Tal Wilkenfeld and Vinnie Colaiuta - the star trio. But there's this subservient keyboardist tucked away at the side - no one seems to talk to him, smile at him or even acknowledge his existence! He's a live session player -...
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    Music triggering memories

    I was just making baked beans on toast for lunch (I don't normally eat them but they were leftover and I didn't want them wasted). As the beans poured from the Tupperware I had a vision of the famous scene in Tommy when Ann Margaret wallows in baked beans like an orgasmic mud wrestler. Some...
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    The hidden drummer

    Haven't posted for a while. From last night's practice, that great little Kinks classic, Sunny Afternoon, where I live up (down?) to Andy's name. In the words of the late, great Paul Motian: "I don't have to do sh**. I could have just stayed there...
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    Bass solos. Crank 'em up?

    Jut been listening to this - Jeff Beck live, Cause We Ended as Lovers: An absolute gem. Tal's bass solo is unbelievable but I wish she'd cranked up her bass the way Jaco used to do when it was his turn. It's so good I'd like to hear her more clearly...
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    What on earth is wrong with society!

    I was looking at the news. Sports articles often go into the science and art behind what the players do. The music articles seem to mostly talk about the business, the artists' private lives and what's on. The govt gives far more in grants to sports than the arts. Then there's all the corporate...
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    Please help unblock my cloth ears ...

    Time is Tight by Booker T and the MGs It's an old relic (1969) we spontaneously jammed last night. In the playback it felt like the drums were wrong, so I checked up the original ... The way I'm hearing it, at the beginning he's playing 8ths on the...