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    Is this play along practice beneficial?

    I'm currently playing along to soul, funk, r&b and hip hop in my practice time but my current band's style right now is alternative rock. How is this going to affect my style, feel, mindset, etc with my current band. What are your thoughts about this? I would appreciate any suggestions.
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    Beat detection apps

    I just discovered an app called live BPM and it works just like the Beat Bug. All I can say is that I'm extremely excited on using it at live gigs and at practice! Do you recommend any beat detection apps that works on android?
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    Effective practice sessions

    Just read an interesting article on how to practice more efficiently. The timing of this article is just perfect as I've just modified my practice routine in a way that's been described in...
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    Altering a ride cymbal

    I'm looking to buy a second hand ride cymbal but I want to experiment and alter it to sound like a crash. Should I just hammer or drill holes into it? Looking forward to your suggestions... Thanks!
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    Exercises for strengthening thumb

    I'm looking to isolate and strengthen my left thumb specifically. Do you have any exercises?
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    Pedal Appraisal

    I'm looking to buy a 2nd hand pedal and sell my old one. I found a 2nd hand Pearl single pedal online and wanna ask from you if the price is just right ($46). Here's the link... Can you also appraise my old Gibraltar pedal. This...
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    Giving contact details at open jams

    Not really sure if there's already a topic for this but my question is how do you give out your contact details after a jam? Is there an ethical way of approaching your fellow musicians when giving out your contact details? Looking forward to hearing your experiences. Thanks!
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    Good books for chart reading

    I'm looking to improve my chart reading skills. I can write my own charts but I want my charts to be as close as possible to real charts. What books would you recommend for working on your chart reading and writing skills? I'm actually preparing for gigs that would require sight reading. Right...
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    Is this normal for a snare?

    Just noticed that the bottom hoop is almost touching the snare bed when I really tighten the tension. Is this okay or is the snare getting choked?
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    How to develop touch and tone on the drumset?

    This question is inspired by Billy Ward who is really into developing touch and tone. Here's an excerpt from Billy's book (Inside Out), about Elvin's touch. Can you also name some drummers who you think has developed a good touch and tone on their instrument?
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    Ovangkol wood for snare drums

    I stumbled upon a custom snare drum company here in the Philippines and one of the imported woods they offer is the African Ovangkol or Amazique wood. Do you have any experience with Ovangkol snares?
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    How to inspect a snare drum

    I'm planning to buy a snare drum which is in great condition from another owner. It's a Pork Pie Bob 6.5x14 and he's selling it to me for $269 which is the price for a brand new one. I already asked him to reserve it for me but I want to inspect the snare closely. Can you give some tips on how...
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    Fave songs with half time shuffles

    This thread has been inspired by a forum discussion here on how long it takes to get the Rosanna shuffle cooking. Some of the more popular songs with HTS were of course Rosanna, Fool in the Rain, Home At Last, Babylon Sisters, and many others. I also like the suggestion by Mad About Drums...
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    Cutting sticks

    I have an Alex Van Halen stick but now I want to cut its length down to 16". I'm thinking of sawing it. Does anyone have some experience of cutting sticks? Just want some advice I guess.
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    Choosing a condenser mic for my home setup

    I'm setting up a basic recording in a small rectangular room (L-4.5m, W-2m, H-1m). Concrete walls, wooden floors and ceilings. I'm thinking of getting the Alesis iO4 (audio interface) and one condenser mic for starters. I've been reading a ton of great suggestions from this forum and I'm very...