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    Man was i disappointed.

    So my band, through several events that came together, including my lead singer winning tickets a day before the show, drove 10 hours to Vancouver to see the Metallica concert. Now theyve always been a band that i consider a little dramatic, one minute youre hardcore, the next minute your...
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    Peavy Radial much?

    So my brother in law just showed me pictures of his PEavy Radial Pro set that he no longer uses.... 2 bass drums, 2 mounted toms and a floor tom. Ive always loved the look of these things but he wants $1500 for the he out to lunch?
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    Well i know its kind of a lame thing to do on an internet forum but i just felt the need to announce that on July 21st i tied the knot with my ling time sweetheart :) It was an awesome day for both of us, and now that the excitement has calmed down a bit and weve regained a measure of composure...
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    Bands First "Stage" appearance

    Well figured since there were requests for videos i figured id post them. Definitely an awesome gig, we got a lot of fans and supporters out of this. Pretty sweet set even though the sound guys were infuriating to deal with and we had tonnes of issues with monitors .etc...
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    Definitely had my confidence boosted.

    Well las week my band played our first "stage" show together for a local promoter. There were 3 other bands, and being the new comers we were first. Of course it was also the long weekend so it was a small crowd turn out (metal shows here are usually packed, but long weekend everybody goes...
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    A Little Inspiration!

    Havent seen this posted yet, figure it was worth it, Def Leopard eat your heart out!!
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    Met Ian Paice Today :)

    Man was that ever cool, first real "pro/legendary" drummer ive ever met. Were a small city so there were only about 15 people there, and he spent a lot of time fielding questions, taking pictures and all sorts of stuff :) So i got an autograph, picture, and with the small amount of people...
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    Pretty Pumped :)

    Deep Purple is coming to town, and talking to my sales dude at the local shop, the day after the show Ian Paice will be stopping by to take pictures and sign autographs, this will be the first time ive ever met a pro type drummer in that capacity. The drum guy in this store is also setting up...
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    Ahead Earplug kit?

    Anyone seen or used this yet? I saw it in DRUM! Today. Apparently Ahead put out an earplug kit where you mix the components and dump it in your hear to make your own custom plugs
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    Starting to love Meinl all over again

    Man, these cymbals (the byzance bright ones SHIMMER) are getting me all over again. When i bought my first kit for $500 it came with a 24" Zildjian ride (old, no writing, just a stamp) 14" zildjian hi hats ( i miss them, i think they were an older A series set, they were heavy but had such a...
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    Regal Tip DeathEx Sticks

    Was given a pair of these to try by a sales guy at the local drum shop i frequent. My two constant go to sticks have been pro marks 5B naturals with a nylon tip, or a Vic Firth 5B hickory wood tip (starting to dig the wood tips more) so when he put these in my hands i had my doubts. I have now...
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    Thank You :)

    Well, the last year has been a wild ride for me personally, and through the struggles i have achieved a good amount of personal growth. Looking at all the jakester stuff going on i cant help but feel i came off a little bit that way in the past with posting videos and stuff. At first the harsh...
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    Trying to Decide if i NEED a rack.

    Im kind of at an inbetween point with my drum set up. I was going for the big thrash monster kit, but i find myself slowly culling out elements i find i dont use that much. Right now all the available gear i have is: Drums Gretsch Catalin Ash: 22" Kick 8", 10", 12" 13" Mounted toms 14"...
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    More adjustable hi hat clutch.

    My trust gibraltar hi hat clutch has started slipping, causing the top hat to slip higher on a heavy stomp (used to be able to hammer on that thing) but ive been doing that for about 9 years with that baby. Anyways, im interested in drop clutches, but cannot find threads on them or why one is...
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    Ah, Positive Jams

    I know most of you dont dig what my band or myself does but i have a positive story to share among the band mate horror stories, so if we could leave the negativity about my abilities and music thatd be great. My band had recently played our first live show, we have a 6 song set that lasts...