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    Where to get samples for Roland SPD -SX?

    "^^ Note - there is a charge for his samples." Bermuda if you are talking about my samples, sure, there is a cost. I'm an audio engineer with a personal studio. Anyway my prices are low, the samples are high quality and I'm super fast. You can ask for samples similar to a particular song and in...
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    Where to get samples for Roland SPD -SX?

    I can produce samples on demand:
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    Samples on demand for your digital drums

    Hello I'm a drummer/audio engineer and I produce samples on demand for almost every kind of digital drums. This is my site showing some of the many samples I'm producing (many new samples are still in production): Contact me with your...
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    New V-Drums samples

    Hello, I just released some Signature Snares samples on my site. These samples are ready to be loaded and used into your V-Drums unit and are compatible with the following V-Drums models and more: Alesis SamplePad Alesis Crimson Kit Roland SPD ONE Roland TM-2 Roland TM-6 Pro Roland TD-17 Roland...
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    V-Drums Signature 14" Snares samples

    Hey, I just released some Signature Snares samples on my site. The snares models included are the following: 1 - Gretsch 14x6,5 Taylor Hawkins 2 - Ludwig 14x4 Carl Palmer 3 - Pearl 14x5,5 Daniel Erlandsson 4 - Sonor 14x5 Phil Rudd 5 - Sonor 14x5,25 Gavin Harrison 6 - Sonor 14x7,25 Mikkey Dee 7 -...
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    Custom Kits for TD-11

    Finally my third Custom Kits pack is out! It contains five realistic custom made kits for your Roland TD-11 module. Take a listen on my site: I hope you like them!
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    Roland TD-11 Custom Kits 3 on demand

    Hey, I'm going to release the 3rd collection of Custom Kits made on demand for your Roland TD-11 module. If you are interested in having a particular drum-kit or percussion-set sound for your TD-11module, just contact me sending a demo (mp3 or video link) and I will be happy to make it for...
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    Magnatrack drum triggers

    Hey everybody, Have you heard of Magnatrack new drum triggers system? It's a new magnetic trigger to electrify acoustic drums and it seems really interesting and smart. You can find more info on their site:
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    Free Roland TD-11 DrumKit

    Free Roland TD-11 DrumKits Hey, I'm Piero Peluche, an Italian multi-instrumentalist producer and I would like to share with you my personal drumset n°28 named Loud for the TD-11 module. You can find it here: I hope you dig it. Piero.