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    My new project (audio)

    Last Thursday my buddy and i started a project entitled the living room sessions. All songs are composed, played and produced by us in my living room. I will keep updating this thread about it. For now i hope you will enjoy our harvest of this week. This is where i live. Download the...
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    My new Istanbul Mehmet Samatya Cymbals (pics)

    These cymbals grow on me by the day, i love 'm so much that i just had to make a few pictures to share with you who have the same passion. They sound just as bright like they shine, check the attachment for an audio clip. The ride has so much characteristic and a body that almost sounds like a...
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    Istanbul mehmet or Stagg DH?

    Currently i own a Stagg DH cymbal set (14 " hh/ 16"crash + 20" ride) should i upgrade to Istanbul Mehmet?
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    Mapex Horizon Big City kit/ Limited Edition Bopset

    What is the difference between these two? Far as i can see only the price. I have purchased a Big City kit in march this year for 750 euro and the shopkeeper assured me they only come with Mapex hardware instead of the Gibraltar 5600 series which i prefered. Yesterday i was surfing around the...
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    2nd kit

    I am happy with my Mapex customized big city kit in red sparkle, but i realized i will even be happier when i have two drum kits! Even though i know deep down inside there are more important expenses than getting a second kit i could not help myself! So this morning i pulled the trigger on a...
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    Adding midi pads to an acoustic set

    Hi, I have a 4 piece Mapex big city kit (customized) to which i want to add digital pads which make it possible for me to play samples and if possible loop them while drumming. Three things are essential for it to be, namely easy to hit (10 inch) midi and economy class. If it has on boards...
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    Heads toms coated? (Jazz)

    I see a lot of jazz drummers using coated heads on the toms, what is the purpose of this?
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    Jazz with a muffled kick?

    The thing is i play both funk and jazz with the same kit and it's a bit of a hassle to get the pillow out of my kick drum every time i switch styles. Can you play jazz with a muffled kick? Cause i sure as hell know i can't play funk with a kick that isn't muffled.
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    Buddy Rich on matched grip

    Don't know if this was posted before, but it's really funny: Buddy Rich is calling matched grip holding the sticks the wrong way and he proves his point!
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    Living next to an unemployed toolman!

    Hi everybody, Being a drummer i am caught up in a dilemma. I have a neighbor who is unemployed and fixes cars and boats all freaking day. His constant hammering drives me literally up the wall, not to mention i despise his loud mouthing saw. But what can i say about it since he naturally will...
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    How to record drums that sound like James Browns?

    The title says it all! How many mics and what type of mics? I'm looking for the low budget method cause i'm broke. What i poses is one shure mic + a cable that probably needs to be replaced and an audiobox usb driver. Right now i use a headphone to register the kick and i've hung the shure above...
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    After switching from electronic to acoustic....

    I'm sitting here behind my Big City Kit which i miced and gave some reverb. Hearing myself playing through the headphone makes me reminisce of the TD-4 which i owned and sold for my Mapex set. My personal experience is that electronic drums can never replace acoustic and should therefore be...
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    Funk drummer trying to learn jazz

    I am a funk drummer if i must describe my own style. When it comes down to funk i have to hear a drum just once and mostly i can play it in one go. This i don't state to brag about myself, but to give the reader an idea of how i think about drums. Since years of playing funk i kind of grow tired...
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    Raise the bassdrum or shorten the trigger?

    I have an 18" kick-drum without a lifter, but i was wondering: wouldn't i achieve the same goal by cutting a few inches off the trigger so it will hit the middle? Or will it be too small to make the kick sound right? Before i even use the saw to try so, i would like to know if anyone can help...
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    Which ride has the most bang for the bucks?

    At this point i am using my thin crash as a ride, but i want a real ride now and sell my stagg thin crash. How much euro's would a decent ride cost me? I am not looking for a collectors item nor an expensive brand, just a ride that sounds good.