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    I negotiate frequently with clients. Some will never stop trying to get the price down lower and lower. You should never reward that behavior or it won't stop. I will never make an effort if they don't make an effort. For every discount I ask something in return. I don't say no a lot. 650. 400...
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    Sorta disappointed in what I hear out there...

    Alex you lost me completely there, I don't get how you associate fear with music. I'm glad for any 13 yr old or 8 yr old to be amazing and if these kids were already in the pocket in the womb, burying their moms heartbeat click, I couldn't agree more with that and fear is undoubtedly the very...
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    Are the Black Beauty and supraphonic still the snares to own?

    But if that 1980 Ford Escort sound is what you're after, nothing else will sound as much like it as a 1980 Ford Escort. The thing with sound is that it's totally subjective and there is no innovation that unambiguously leads to a better sound, because define better first. There's been hardly...
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    Do beginners really need pro drum kits???

    That is definitely unfair but you can easily solve that by finally buying the kit you Deserve :) I had a big discussion the other day with my 15 yo daughter who had just scraped the last cents of several years worth of pocket money together to buy a refurbished iphone 7, and thought it was...
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    new crash sound vs used crash sound

    So if the cymbal changes so much during a few days of hitting it, hoe does it know when to stop when the owner likes it? It's not a shoe that gets adapted to a foot. The cymbal would keep changing like a bottle of wine in a cellar, and cymbal manufacturers would be the first to claim it can be...
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    The Black Pearls....

    Channeling your inner Simon Phillips :)
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    Picking a new snare drum

    Fix a budget. The lower, the easier it gets :) Then figure out what type of material you want. Or actually, that is optional because you will end up owning one of each, just the order in which you buy them may vary :) Snares are like girls: just fall in love with one.
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    Senri Kawaguchi

    Some more girl power, yay :) I had never heard of her, found her just browsing recordings on my favourite drum shop website.
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    Playing smaller rooms and softer music...

    But what if you get carried away? :) You start the sing at ppp and finish at ff. Can you play ppp with enthusiasm? I guess it's something one can work on.
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    What's a good SLP snare to play 60s rock

    I got the Hammered Steel since a few weeks. Tune it nice and high, it sings! Funky funky drummer... I love how he says the look goes so well with the rest of his kit. I can hardly imagine an uglier combination, but it's the sound that matters ;) for once I'm glad to have a raven black SC.
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    Do beginners really need pro drum kits???

    As soon as you think you'll use it for the rest of your life, it pays to buy good stuff, not junk. This is just as true for drum kits as it is for tools, bikes, photography gear and what all else. Each time I deviate from the rule, I regret it. I bought a pair of Stagg brushes on the web...
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    Tokyo drum shops

    I'd recommend to google Tokyo drum shop
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    OTE Headphones for hearing protection

    The Vics are fine IMHO and they are the only ones made for drumming. The sound is without a doubt not as good as the other brands you quoted, but if soundproofing is essential...
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    Sina Doering

    I think it's the format of playing along with a recording that put at least me off. There is so much of that on yt. Here's a 3 years old drummer. This one is 103 years old. Here's a dog and even she can drum better than you do. You're not even supposed to enjoy, just be impressed by the multi...
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    Sina Doering

    +100 Let's cut the self marketing and Rock!