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    Russ Miller Groove Wedge Or Similar?

    Anyone know where I can get this or a similar product [other than Rim Riser] that doesn't cost $100 or more...
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    PDP Daru Jones New Yorker Kit

    Ok, so...I got this kit in, set it up and put a kick pedal on the kick riser that's supplied with the kit, when I go to playing the bass drum, it wants to wiggle and wobble back and forth, what dod I need to do to stabilize the bass drum? Ive tried everything, or so I say I have... any suggestions?
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    zZounds . com...GRR!

    I'm really frustrated at right now. I order a product 12/12/17, pay extra for second day air, which should have put it at my front door by end of day on 12/14/17...well, they send notification on 12/13/14 (which is today)that the item shipped on that day , which puts it being here...
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    Coming Home to Zildjian

    Over the past 30 some odd years of playing Sabian and Paiste cymbals, ive decided to come back to my first love, K. Zildjian. I have been contemplating a K. Zildjian Light set: 15" Light Hihat 22" Light Ride 19" Dark Crash Thin 17" Dark Crash Thin My second choice is the K. Zildjian Country...
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    Not sure if i presented myself...

    ...but here goes! I am PHIL2016, I am known outside of cyberland as Phillip Welch. I hail from West Monroe, La., which is located about an hour and a half east of Shreveport, La. I have been playing drums since i was around 5 years old (I am now 50!), i play drums professionally as my primary...
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    Promark Glenn Kotche Signature Drumstick

    I pulled the trigger on a set of these: Promark Glenn Kotche Signature drumsticks, These have a weight that falls somewhere in between a 5a and a 5b with a length of 16 3/4'', with a long taper and an acorn shape tip, the grip area is scalloped to enhance the...
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    Crescendos on Cymbals

    Hi DW! I have a part in a Christmas Musical that calls for cymbal crescendos at various points throughout the tune, theres no beat, just smooth crescendos. Now, i havent got the cheese to blow on a K. Constantinople Suspended, so im looking to hear thoughts on what type of cymbal will generate...
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    Cherry Hill Custom Drums

    Has anyone tried any of the products by Cherry Hill Custom Drums? I have been looking at the photos of some of their creations, they make custom snare drums, drum keys, hi hat clutches and snare throwoffs, the product seems to be on a high end, luxury scale and looks very attractive. check them...
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    DRUM SHELLS: Ply/Solid/Stave

    How do the different shell types compare in terms of tone, response, tuning range and playability?
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    NAMM 2017 Oddities

    Coverage of the NAMM shows almost never cover the brand new companies that have just emerged on the market with their unique products. Thats what i like, now, dont get me wrong, i like the ongoing innovations of the established and successful companies. Maybe im not seeing the right coverage...
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    Head Combo For Oak Stave Snare Shell

    I guys, im having a snare drum built out of old oak staves and being that i have never used an oak shelled drum, i am curious as to everyones's opinion on what batter head and snare side head combo would give the best tone and response. I've got Sabian Snare Wires going on as well, the Hybrid...
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    Venting A Bass Drum Shell

    I recently went to and checked out their custom kits. Some of the kits had like a 4" hole in the side of the drum shell for putting a mic in the drum, what are you guy's thoughts on this? I am considering having someone do this to my bass drums...
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    Head For 3x13 Pearl Steel Picc.

    Hi, DW! I need suggestions for a snare head that will warm up a steel shell piccolo, I have an Evans ST Dry, but still has an annoying "pink" sound, Help!
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    Glenn Kotche Promark Active Wave 570

    Has anyone gotten their hands on Glenn Kotche's (Wilco) signature drumstick? Its the Promark Glenn Kotche Active Wave 570. What does it compare to in terms of feel and weight? Is it a quick stick or is it a hefty stick? Your opinion on the stick is greatly appreciated!
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    If you could create a signature cymbal...

    what kind of cymbal would it be? I would want to create a cymbal that is along the lines of a flat ride but with a turned up edge like a swish knocker, but a little more subtle turned up edge, and maybe one or two rivets,22" in size, I'd have it made in the Kerope series, think of the...