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    Phil Maturano here!

    Hi friends! Its been a while since i posted here. Hope everyone is doing fine and things are good. Just wanted to say hello and check in. Also to let you know I have a new Vblog series from my last tour in China a couple of months ago. Drop by and see what its like to tour in China! All the best
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    Bloody Hands

    While most numbskulls are on this kick about posting pictures of bloody and blistered hands holding sticks... I am happy to report I don't have any blisters, no bleeding and I can play my ass off in eight hour practice sessions or 2 to 3 gigs a day. How do you do this? Dedication to technique...
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    Phil Maturano Excellence in Drumming Scholarship!

    Wonderful news for 2 lucky drummers out there somewhere!!! Phil Maturano excellence in Drumming scholarship Announcement - Swarnhaboomi Academy of Music
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    Sneak Peek at "Working the Inner Clock- Prt2"!!!

    Hi folks!:-) Just thought I would run this by you all. Here is a preview of my upcoming dvd "Working the Inner Clock- Prt2"!!! There is a lot left to do but this clip features the gear I will be using and one of the songs from the project. Hope you enjoy:-)...
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    Live Chat with Phil Maturano Today!!!

    Hi Folks! Today I am coming to you from Buenos Aires Argentina. I am presenting for the first time in all of south America "Drumcraft" drums!!!!!! We will have a live chat where i can answer any drumming questions you might have and also tell you about the drums. It starts at 8:30 pm Buenos...
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    As requested. 3 New Online Video lessons

    Hi Cats. Well they are finally done. According to stuff you guys requested I have made the following clips. The Rhythmic Pyramid in Jazz - Developing your Jazz phrasing and vocabulary at all tempos (Video, mp3 and pdfs) Groups of 5 using 16th notes. - Specialty phrasing and vocabulary for funk...
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    For all Metronome worries....

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    Help me pick the cover of "Working the Inner Clock -part 2"!!

    Hi guys and gals. As you may know...I am in Europe producing my next DVD for Hudson, part 2 of "Working the Inner Clock! Its a massive production spanning now almost a year of writing and producing the music. I am wanting to share some of the process with the drumming community, so that we can...
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    OK cats! Lets make it happen! If anyone has big band experience here I would love to hear you playing. Big band is one of my all time favorite things to play. Kind of grew up on it. And its so exciting for drums. Maybe it would be nice to start a thread about this. Your own performances or...
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    Phil Maturano Online lesson survey

    So i finally got a new camera and all my online lessons are going to be with video now. I was just wondering if there is something in particular you guys would like to know about or see in Online lessons. I am shooting the first ones tomorrow. Thanks for the input PM
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    Learning from masters

    This is why you have to find master teachers. Hal Galper is a true genius. I hope this will resolve some issues of things that I have been reading here lately. All the best PM
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    Be a Part of "Working the Inner Clock - Part 2"

    Hi All. So I want to thank you all for contributing to our great thread on Piracy. After reading about what we all had to say...Here is what I have done. We have a way for you guys to be a part of the new DVD. "Working the Inner Clock - Part 2" I am now entering the pre-production phase of...
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    Pirating, us and the future.

    Hello everyone. I am writing to check in with the population of drummers here to see how you feel about pirating of music and all other forms of art. I would like to hear specifically from younger cats who grew up with computers an the Internet. As you may or may not know, this problem is...
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    Phil Maturano UK and Italy tour Nov!!! - 2009

    Hey cats, just wanted to let you know about some dates in the UK and Italy. I will be available for private lessons in London on the 8th in London. And in Italy in the Taranto area on the 15th and 16th If you want to have a slot just write me. All the best and hope to see you guys out there...
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    Drummers Intensive day in LA!! August 8th at L.A.M.A w/Phil Maturano

    Hi Guys! A great update for everyone. Drummers Intensive day L.A. has a home = L.A.M.A. Los Angeles Music academy - Special price for LAMA Students!!!!!! Date - August 8th 6 hours of intense concentrated study with Luis Conte and Phil Maturano Sign up !!:-)