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    All INDe BR3 or Ludwig Atlas mount kit?

    I can tell you that the BR3 works pretty well as a tom mount for me. A nice amount of bounce to it and plenty of resonance. Looks classy and blends well with Ludwig lugs too.
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    Toms Question - High Tom, Med Tom, Low Tom, Floor Tom

    I had to think about this when I was transcribing a nice descending tom fill from Tony Williams' Fred. I just replaced the mid-tom with the floor tom. With the accents in the same spot it pretty much captured the essence.
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    New SpeedKing

    I like it loose and flipped over but I think most people leave it locked. It makes a surprisingly big difference in the feel, I'd definitely suggest trying it both ways.
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    Kick drum problems

    I would suggest playing that pattern heel down slowly and slowly speeding it up. In my experience, heel down really embodies the fundamental motion, which is relevant even when you're using heel up. Once you've practiced like that, my guess is your heel won't come up so high and you'll use more...
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    New SpeedKing

    I just noticed they got rid of the flat spring by where the footboard connects to the linkage. I guess they eliminated the need for it?
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    Before and after!

    How is the strap holding up? I put the DW strap on mine last December but it had already stretched after about an hour of playing. Not sure if I put it on right...
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    Vintage DW5000 fixer

    1/4" x 11/16" x 1/4" I got unsealed ones from the Big Bearing Store. Dropped right in.
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    Another drum tuning thread

    I roughly match the head pitches to this drummer's kit. My drums have never sounded better and doing this ensures fairly consistent results.
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    New Ludwig Speed King

    Has anyone gotten the pedal yet?
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    On the Ludwig-Carter McLean YouTube livestream last week I think they said Mid to late August
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    Left Foot Stamina/Technique (8th notes) - best approach ?

    One thing I've been focusing on lately is lowering the "stroke" height so that not every chick is a full stomp volume. It's the same principle as feathering the bass drum in a jazz tune, where you're not letting the beater rebound to its fullest potential. Especially at faster tempos, the beater...
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    Ever regret selling something?

    18" Paiste PST 7 thin crash I had just gotten a Giant Beat 18" multi. I remember the PST 7 was a great sounding cymbal in its own right but I guess the more expensive price tag on the Giant Beat made me think the PST must be inferior. Pretty silly looking back lol :(
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    THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

    For Sale: 70s 3-Ply Slingerland Kit 12/13/16/22 Re-wrapped in green sparkle Shells are in good condition but wrap is a little loose in spots. Asking $600 but open to offers. Would prefer local pickup, I'm located on Long Island, NY. Thanks for viewing.
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    "Wide" jazz ride pattern?

    This makes a lot of sense. I had the "wide" and "tight" terminology reversed, but that's definitely been my experience too.
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    Old DW 5000 Post Bearing Size

    After I made this thread I took a chance on some info I found on another site. I got the bearing from Sealed might work but on this particular model it added to the outside diameter so it wouldn't fit.