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    Pipe Band Snare Example

    Maybe I wasn't clear; I meant the particular thumb technique the pipe band drummers use in their traditional grip hand. They have a way of dribbling the stick that I never really see with the drumset or even drum corps traditional grip players.
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    Stencil kits

    I used to have a champagne sparkle Slingerland snare copy that I got on eBay for $20. I seem to remember the wrap was tacked on. Very dry, thin sound, and I wasn't a fan. I gave it to a friend and the butt plate eventually tore through the shell.
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    Songs That Speed Up or Slow Down

    You're right that there's ebb and flow in every song without a click, but I still think that some songs/bands ebb and flow more than others. The Beatles, for example, very rarely seemed to stray very far from the start tempo. I just thought it would be fun to list some songs where it's noticeable.
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    Beater weight issue..

    Yeah, beater weight can be tricky. Something I've recently discovered is that when you move to a heavier beater, loosening the spring tension can give you a similar feel to what you had before. And the reverse goes for moving to a lighter beater. It will still be a different feel but it should...
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    Songs That Speed Up or Slow Down

    That's a good point. I was thinking songs where it sounds unintentional. To me, the ones I've listed sound unintentional, but that doesn't stop them from being great (at least the first two).
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    Songs That Speed Up or Slow Down

    Hey all, Obviously drummers generally aren't perfect timekeepers, which makes sense because we're human. Therefore, I'm not pointing out these examples as a criticism. In some cases, imperfect timekeeping may even help the song "breathe" and sound better. What are some songs that noticably...
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    Pipe Band Snare Example

    Something I've always wondered: Is there a particular reason all the pipe band drummers seem to dribble the left hand stick with their thumb (instead of the fingers)?
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    Finger Pain on Ride QUESTION

    Yes generally when you have a surface with more rebound you have to loosen your grip. I've get that kind of pain when I play a realfeel pad after only playing on a snare head for a few weeks.
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    The sound of the drum is within the heads

    I thought there was a pretty big difference when he went to the re-ring shell too.
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    The new Rogers kits

    At that price they should at least give the option for a swivomatic mount. Not everyone likes a virgin bass drum.
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    All INDe BR3 or Ludwig Atlas mount kit?

    I can tell you that the BR3 works pretty well as a tom mount for me. A nice amount of bounce to it and plenty of resonance. Looks classy and blends well with Ludwig lugs too.
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    Toms Question - High Tom, Med Tom, Low Tom, Floor Tom

    I had to think about this when I was transcribing a nice descending tom fill from Tony Williams' Fred. I just replaced the mid-tom with the floor tom. With the accents in the same spot it pretty much captured the essence.
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    New SpeedKing

    I like it loose and flipped over but I think most people leave it locked. It makes a surprisingly big difference in the feel, I'd definitely suggest trying it both ways.
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    Kick drum problems

    I would suggest playing that pattern heel down slowly and slowly speeding it up. In my experience, heel down really embodies the fundamental motion, which is relevant even when you're using heel up. Once you've practiced like that, my guess is your heel won't come up so high and you'll use more...
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    New SpeedKing

    I just noticed they got rid of the flat spring by where the footboard connects to the linkage. I guess they eliminated the need for it?