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    The problems I've had with the 1.6 is that under tension they tend to warp over the years. And on snares the problem is even more pronounced as I tune my snares quite high. Even if you bend them back into shape as some folks do,the metal memory tends to reoccur after a while. I prefer die cast...
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    Acrylic Snare options

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    Those are fat tone hoops. True hoop is a DW 3mm.
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    Gretsch Piccolo Snares

    Try Starving Musician in Santa Cruz.
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    Gretsch Piccolo Snares

    You can pick up Peal Free floaters fir under $200 used and they are (imho)one of the great snares of the past 40 years.
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    Gretsch Piccolo Snares

    Will a 4x14 pass as a pic?
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    show off your snare

    Tama made some nice stuff back then. Now everything seems to be more about fashion. I owned one of those and sold it. It's a classic that very few drum companies can match these days. Probably would go in the $K range these days retail given the price point of the new Dynasonic brass snares...
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    Best left-handed drummer?

    Simon Phillips ,Rayford Griffin. Pretty much a tie depending upon my mood. Lenny White does a decent job,but watching him play is like watching sausage being made,not pretty.
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    DW's $4000 True Cast Bell Bronze snare!

    I had a friend that I stole a quote from concerning IBM laptops looking as if they were designed by the Russian car ministry during the cold war. The DW turret lugs are pretty much the same idea.
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    Free-Floating Shell Replacements (Bronze, Brass, etc.)

    Nothing like having replacement shells from a company that doesn't sell the shells separate. I found it cheaper to just buy a used FF to get the shells I wanted. Kind of an oxymoron.
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    A Drummer's Most Important Quality

    I dunno,the usual of just showing up on time and ready to play.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Almost twins.
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    Easy pre-beginner song?

    Proud Mary by Creedence. Basic 4/4 rock beat.
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    Unusual Gig Stories

    I hear in Canada ,a conviction for a DUI is grounds for not being allowed in the country. How about a Molson chaser to go with that Canadian Club,eh?
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    Unusual Gig Stories

    Lot's of SF stories here. We were playing the Stone off of Broadway in SF back in the 80's and had a pretty good following which was seated at a very large table in front of the stage. We go back to the dressing room as the last band before us is tearing down and we're next. When we come out...