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    Oak Shells Or Maple Shells?

    The problem I've heard about the Oaks is that the wood is extremely hard to work with. Lots of drums rejected at factory for QA reasons.
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    Oak Shells Or Maple Shells?

    The oaks I've played from Yamaha and Ludwig are fat ,warm and sweet. I prefer them over maple or birch.
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    What's your favorite "Blues" song?

    God Bless the Child BS&T Bobby Columby does a nice job on drums (outstanding hi hat work).
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    Beginning drumming...were you supported or not supported

    Speaking of which ,I remember being at the local town Dairy Queen one summers night. And for some reason or other ,one of the patrons attacked one of the guys I went to school with and beat his head into a car bumper. One of the larger guys broke it up ,but not after a pretty bloody affair. The...
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    Space Truckin.
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    Try the granddaddy of them all, Tel-star
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    What's your latest purchase?

    .Guitar Center closeouts from Sabian New 14 AAX Xcel hi hats $110 and 15 inch Evo bottom $40 bucks
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    Beginning drumming...were you supported or not supported

    The only reason I even joined the band was because at lunchtime you could hang out in the band room away from the knuckle draggers and thugs. Rough school. At least 3 of my "schoolmates" were indicted for murder at some point in their lives. One of those schoolmates that used to bully me...
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    Beginning drumming...were you supported or not supported

    My dad tried to discourage me as much as possible. I literally used to hide my drumsticks so he didn't know I was practicing. I got good enough to get accepted to WVU school of music ,but it was no go as I couldn't afford the tuition by myself. I ended up at a regular college and got a degree...
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    Best music documentaries

    I remember Brian talking about how his father used to pop out his artificial eye in front of him to freak him out.
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    Best music documentaries

    Autobiography of Miles Davis and Mel Torme's Traps - The Drum Wonder: The Life of Buddy Rich come to mind. There's a passage where Miles is so coked up and paranoid,he parks his Ferrari in front of a skyscraper in downtown Manhattan and hides in a closet for a couple of hours.
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    What’s the first song you learned to play?

    Hal Lenard marching band stuff.
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    Cat Maple Snare with Die Cast Hoop

    Probably because the old steel hoops were warped. The QA on the Catalina's can be suspect. One of the sales folks at Guitar Center got a brand new one with warped bass hoops. Played quite a few on the display floor and some of them sounded like wet cardboard.
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    What will improve my drumset playing more, studying concert snare drum or marching snare drum?

    Pretty much all of the above. Orchestral stuff for ghost notes and delicate playing. Drum corp and rudimemtal for set playing as parididdles and ratamacues don't see much use in classical styles. Conductors don't care much about sticking,only the correct sound and rhythm.
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    Did you ever do marching band/drum corps?

    As a note ,I got accepted to WVU to study percussion ,but my I couldn't afford the out of state tuition. I marched with an in state college marching band and it was dreadful. The college at the time was California state college(California Pa) and the fight song was California here I come. I...