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    Recording with Yamaha EAD10

    True...or I could just use our Chromebook
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    Recording with Yamaha EAD10

    I'm looking to get the EAD10 but the main issue I'm having with the App is being able to get the songs on the's an Android so I don't have access to iTunes etc. It won't let me download anything.
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    List your equipment failures

    Had a chain on my dw5000 double pedal snap off on stage warming up before we were to start playing at a concert. Luckily a drummer from one of the earlier bands lent me his Tama Iron Cobra double pedal so that was nice. We were an extreme metal band so the double bass was pretty important lol.
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    THE rock and metal snare

    Here's 2 not mentioned. Tama John Tempesta Signature Gretsch USA Phosphorus Bronze....5mm bronze beast. I have a Black Beauty and it's amazing....but I'd love to have either or both of those.
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    Surprised by DDrum Dios kit

    sounds like Ddrum has gotten their act together about their hardware quality...they've had good looking drums for a while.
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    Best mid-range kit?

    or find a used Tama Starclassic Birch/Bubinga...those can be had for $1500 or less.....I have a Saturn V and they're about the same price range....but neither is "mid range" from a quality standpoint..they're pro all the way. But they are in the mid-range price point for sure.
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    Tama Star Bubinga Exotic Red Viking Demo

    same here...would need to take out a loan for it. However, I actually like the Starclassic Bubingas more than the STAR Bubingas....though if I were to get a STAR kit, it would be the Walnut.
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    Mapex Precious Metal Phosphor Bronze Snare

    Anyone know anything about these snares? There's a guitar center near me that has a 6.5x14 for $250.....I'm having trouble finding much information about it. I'm in the market for a good bronze snare and have a Mapex Saturn V so this would be nice to keep it in the family so to speak.
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    Pearl Demon Drive Spring Assembly Parts Issue

    Does anyone know anywhere to purchase the spring assembly for a Demon Drive double pedal? The upper nut (the plastic one) broke yesterday and I'm having a pain of a time finding the correct spring assembly online. Or really, all I need is a new upper nut for it but I don't know if you can just...
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    Dream kit

    Mapex Black Panther Sledgehammer Drum Set
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    New Ride Cymbal ordered (after weeks of research)

    After weeks of researching, listening to, and pricing, I've finally settled on a new ride cymbal. It's the 22" Sabian Paragon Ride. Beautiful and sounds just what I was looking for. I'm primarily a metal player but, I actually like a brighter tone than the darker ones on the HH Power Bell and...