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    LM402 tuning driving me crazy

    Unless you put straight hoops on the drum and it solved the problem, it's just a theory that the hoops are the root cause of your issue.
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    Atlas hardware and bags.

    My 9x13 with ATLAS and 16x16 with 3 ATLAS mounts fit. The key with the 16x16 is to put the bag on from the top first. But there are no issues getting the zippers closed. There is not a lot of extra room but it works fine.
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    Atlas hardware and bags.

    I have Humes & Berg Galaxy cases. These cases are roomy, I have had other soft cases that were not as roomy. There is just enough room for the bd to fit. Zipper closes easily. See picture below. The floor tom and rack tom also fit in thes bags.
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    Two legged Hi Hat stands

    I have a Tama Lever Glide HH905D two leg stand. The trick to getting it solid as a rock is to not let it bottom out completely before tightening the legs. Then the tripod effect comes from the two legs and the heel if that makes any sense.
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    New Ludwig Speed King

    @bermuda thinks MAP is $199. More info here -
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    New Ludwig Speed King

    The rumors are true. Spotted on Ludwig's website.
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    Stupid things people have said or asked you about playing drums while gigging

    Your drums look exactly like Ringo's. (my drums are sky blue pearl)
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    Favorite head combos for maple shell?

    Coated Amb will definitely accomplish what you want. I have the Aquarian equivalent of coated Emp/Amb on my CM rack tom, warmed it up compared to the clear Amb reso it previously had.
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    Pearl Eleminator Demon Drive maintenance

    The Ninja OEM bearings are not that great. I replaced mine with better skateboard bearings when the original ones developed a slight amount of play, cost next to nothing for a lifetime supply.
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    Who likes dark themes for websites? Who doesn't care?

    Black background with white text is form over function. I dislike it and find it difficult to read. FWIW, I'm 65 years old. Just my 2 cents.
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    Ludwig classic maple bass drum tuning

    Some claws require a small spacer on the t rods, send a picture.
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    My testament to nail polish on stick tips

    ...or you can use Super Glue. Works great, try it.
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    What famous drum or drum set would you like to play in person?

    I'm a simple guy, it would be Charlie Watts' Gretsch kit for me.
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    Ahead S Hoops. WOW!

    I changed the NOB batter hoop with an S-Hoop on my early-60s 5x14 Pioneer snare and loved the results. It tunes and plays like a Jazz Festival now. My theory is the stiffer hoop compensates for the 6 lugs. Got an 8 lug version to try on my early-60s 5x14 Slingerland 8-lug student snare with...
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    Question about Ludwig Classic Maples

    There are no obvious issues with my 2019 CM edges. Haven't put them on a marble slab and done a light test, just going by looks and running my fingers on the edges.