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    New Score off eBay

    Hey guys I just scored my dream kit off of eBay for $3200.00 shipping included and was wondering if you think I should have paid less? He wanted $3895.00 but he kindly let me chisel him down. I figured these kits are hard to come by and i wanted it for a long time so I caved in. Also, it...
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    Ringo and Greg Bissonette sitting in with Toto

    I'm not gonna say anything, i'll let the Jeff Porcaro lovers chime in on this ;) I'll say Greg Bissonette filled in some gaps Africa Rosanna
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    Won Used Ludwig Classics off ebay

    I'm excited about this new kit but was wondering if anyone might have an idea what year these baby's were made...
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    Evans EC resonant

    Out of curiousity why aren't people trying the EC reso as batters on toms? Isn't the EC reso a singly ply version of the EC2? I was thinking of equivalent heads to the stock "coated/clear" single ply heads that come on the DW collectors toms and thought the EC resos would be the closest...
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    I had to have it!

    Been watching a new 6 piece DW Collectors Maple with Exotic Mahogany laquered veneer using SSC shells on eBay and decided to call music store that had them listed to see if I could get a deal on these baby's and well all I can say is it worked out well. eBay had them set at a buy it now price...
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    Sound differences between different brand shells

    Shopping for a kit and I've been curious about how some higher end shells compare to each other from different manufacturers and thought some of you might have some experience and details to offer. I've been looking into Ludwig Classic Maples, DW Performance, DW Collectors, Yamaha Maple Custom...
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    Powered Speaker suggestion for Roland SPD-SX

    HI guys....I want to buy a Powered Speaker for my Roland Spd-sx to use along when I play my acoustic kit. I was thinking about a Mackie SRM450v2 Active Speaker, but not sure if that's overkill. Or....a JBL EON 515XT 15" Powered PA Speaker Your thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated, thanks
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    Can't buy Evans level 360 online

    So I thought I was smart and ordered a g2 clear fusion tom pack (10,12,14) and also a 16 form the evans website. On the drop down list you have the option to buy from the evans store, so here I am thinking I'm a genius and order the heads from the evans store thinking I'll get fresh new level...
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    Mix Matching great drummers with famous artists/bands

    There are some very great drummers or clinicians that don't play with really catchy music artists/bands that I'd love to see playing with and I was thinking about a few different drummers in mind with certain artists. So here's my list.... Jojo Mayer playing for Usher, would he be too busy or...
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    Help....Zoom R16 drum track feedback

    Help!!!!! I'm new to mic-ing drums and trying to make a recording of a drum track for an original song my band plays and was hoping you guys could critique the sound quality of a drum track I made using my Zoom R16. I'd like to make any adjustments before recording a final track and...
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    Sabian AA Bash Ride

    Anyone check out the new AA Bash Ride yet? I played with one at GC today and really liked how it had a very nice ride and bell yet still was nice and washy and very crashy. I need to unload a ride lol so I can get this new one.
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    More Cowbell!

    Hey band os doing a cover of Don't fear the reaper by BOC and was just wondering what your thoughts are on the best way to incorporate the cowbell since it was over dubbed on the original release. Right now the only two things I can think of doing is.... handing a cowbell to my...
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    Time Sig - running away by hoobastank

    Hey guys. I was just trying to chart out a song I play with my band by hoobastank called Running Away and was trying to figure out the time signature. I came up with 6/8, would you guys agree? Charting out songs is a new thing for me but I think it will help me to remember songs better or at...
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    The New Breed - help page 20

    Just a simple question my friends. On page 20 of The New Breed, the first 3 notes are a 16th note an 8th note then another 16th note all connected with a top beam then we have two little broken beams below on the first 16th and the other on the outer 16th. Is this played as "1e_a"? To...
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    Evans Power Center vs Reverse Power Center

    Hey guys, went to my local drum store the other day to pick up a reverses power center head for one of my snares and all they had available was the regular power center head. My question....will there be a difference in sound between the power center and reverse power center head? I'm assuming...