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    How to count off 'The Way You Make Me Feel' by MJ

    Hi all, I am a bit confused about how to count-off The Way You Make Me Feel. I can play the opening fill leading into the shuffle, and although it is a drum-only intro, it would be better to count it off. Although the song is in 12/8 - 6/4 -- I feel the shuffle (after the fill and throughout...
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    Advice needed: K Custom Hybrid set or K set

    Hi everybody, I was looking for some advice on what cymbals to get. Currently I am looking for a full set of cymbals (14 Hi-hat, 16+18 Crash and a 20 Ride). Zildjian offers these 'value' packages that are much cheaper then buying the cymbals separately. I have narrowed my choice down to two...
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    DB-90 - Is it able to accent something other than the 1?

    Hi everybody, Just got myself a DB-90 which is amazing, only wondering if you are able to pick which count it should accent. Does anyone know this and can explain to me how to do it? Obviously I know you can just start the metronome and start playing at the 2 so to your ear it shifts the...
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    Books with CD on Sight Reading for drummers

    Hi all, I was wondering if someone could advice me some books on sight reading for drummers that have a CD included. Although I read a little bit I would like to start at the basic level. Can you also let me know if you own the book yourself and how you experienced it? I know that there are...
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    Cymbals talk

    Hi, I started a new forum that discusses cymbals (as main subject). I will not post a link because I don't know if that is against regulations. Though I want to ask if their are people that are willing to dedicate some time to make the project work (it started today..). As you can understand...