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    2nd floor tom option

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about getting a 16" floor tom to add on to my kit for a while, and I just need a bit of help whether to choose 16x14 or a 16x16. Im using a pearl forum fusion sizes (10,12 14). I play most stuff and I've heard that the 16x14 is a lot easier to tune which is...
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    Recommend a snare head

    Hey guys I'm looking to replace my snare batter head. I play a Tama metal works 14x5.5" snare, play rock/pop music and I'm looking for that nice dry sound. Thanks in advance :)
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    Tom addons

    Hey guys I'm thinking of buying 13" and 16" toms for add-ons for my Pearl Forum fusion kit, and was just wondering would they sound okay if they were different makes, or would it sound ridiculous if I didn't find the exact same make toms. Also, what are your thoughts on colour. Should I get...
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    If you could have it all - What would it be?

    Hey guys Just wondering, if you had unlimited money and you could buy any kit, any cymbals etc.. what would it be, let me know :)
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    A Custom vs Mastersounds

    Hey guys, I've almost certainly decided that I am going to opt into buying a pair of either the A customs or the mastersounds but apart from the price, what is the real difference between them? Thanks in advance :)
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    Cowbell & Block placement

    Hey there guys, just a quick one. Its my birthday, so my parents bought me a cowbell and block, with a L mount as well. Just wondering, does it matter where about on the kit you put them, or it it just preference. Thanks in advance. :-)
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    Floor Tom

    Hello Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think this sounds so good. Anyone give me an idea of what skins can make that sort of noise, and how they are tuned.
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    Upgrading from XS20's

    Hello again Some users might remember me when I was asking about upgrading to budget cymbals, and I decided, (stupidly) on a set of XS20 rock's which included a free 16" crash. They sounded average, but I have decided on, yet again upgrading. I have decided that I'm definetly not buying...
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    Bass Drum Batterhead skins

    Just recently broke mine unfortunetly, and thought about using these forums for some advise, I play rock/alternate and I like a good studio sort of sound, I use a fusion kit so it will have to be 20". Dont wanna spend more than 60 quid really. Cheers
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    Sabian XS20 16" Crash

    I bought the set a few days ago and it seems to ring for ages after I hit it, is there something i can do about it, or is it just me not getting used to the half descent cymbals, (these are my first upgrade from pearl stock cymbals). Thanks in advance :)
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    What is craiglist? is it an american version of ebay cuz i cant find it if i type it in on google.
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    So Many Cymbals!

    Need a bit of Help choosing some cymbals, got about a £450 budget, preferably sabian. I play rock, thought about B8's but not really sure. Thanks in advance